Chimpo’s Top 10 Tunes From 1996

You think times are strange in 2017? Take a peak at 1996 and check the weird stuff people were up to back in ‘the day’… Sheep were being cloned for the first time, rappers were getting shot in the street, computers were beating mankind at chess. It was all kicking off. And a 12 year old Chimpo was right in the thick of it.

“I was in year 8, wearing a pair of pods, learning to mix jungle on my mate Smitty’s dad’s mobile disco set up. I’ve got a mad Backstreet Boys hair do and I’m loving life,” says Chimpo who loves 1996 so much he’s written a musical homage to it. It comes complete with a sick video and he’s giving it away for free. “I was just thinking how I was buzzing off everything around that time and I started singing the hook in bed.”

It goes a little something like this…

To celebrate his love for 1996 we copped his 10 favourite tunes from the year. But first a few questions to see if he was actually there (because he doesn’t look old enough to be mixing jungle 21 years ago) Seems legit.


Where were you when Tupac died?

I can’t remember. Don’t try and implicate me.

Where were you when mad cow disease hit the UK?

Probably at Charcoal Kitchen eating a cheeseburger.

How did you feel when Jarvis Cocker pulled the crappest moony ever at Michael Jackson?

I thought it was well funny. I’ve always liked a stage invasion.

If there’s one thing you could bring back from 1996 what would it be and why?

My hairline.

Give us 10 of the sickest tunes to come our way 21 years ago.

I don’t think I need to explain any of these. Maybe George Michael. But just listen to it. Tell me that’s not a riddim! Maximum Boost UKF, ya wicked an bad. Yes I.


Redman – Whatever Man


Lost Boys – Renee


Tupac – Picture Me Rollin


UGK – One Day


Shabba Ranks – Heart Of A Lion



Beenie Man – Old Dog


George Michael – Fast Love


Adam F- Circles


Sappo – Ding Dong Bass (featuring Bassman)


Undercover Agent – Dubplate Circles Remix


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