Death & Magic… is MUST DIE! about to go next level?

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I’ve always said my aim is to translate the element of surprise in my music. It’s important I surprise myself musically, too…

Just when you thought MUST DIE! couldn’t push himself further into unchartered realms of bass music… Along comes confirmation of his forthcoming album Death & Magic.

Coming our way via OWSLA on September 30, there’s a strong chance it will compound the talented young producer’s profile and take him next level.

“With me as a person, I’m very much a big fantasy fan… Books, movies, video games, everything,” he explains. “So the title is a play on that and also my dual personality as a producer. I wanted to explore the two things I’m known for; the death and dark demonic sound. And also the trippier, more fantasy stuff that I made when I first started. I’ve always wanted to go for a cinematic approach to music but I love the pop sensibility of tracks, too. The album is definitely the closest I am to achieving that balance. As opposed to wanting to do it. I hope people will be pleasantly surprised…“

Always one to tread that fine balance between utter beauty and total chaos (often within one track), MUST DIE! explains how his evolution as an artist during the album writing period has surprised him as much as it will surprise you when the album lands.

“I’ve always said my aim is to translate the element of surprise in my music,” he explains.  “It’s important I surprise myself musically, too. For example I’ve found myself loving the minimal bass music that’s happening right now. People like Sinjin Hawke Cashmere Cat. Anyone who’s on Warp or Pelican Fly. It surprises me that I like it so much because I come from such a maximalist background.

“People like Twine are killing it with such big sounds that are so linear and cohesive and minimal. I’m seeing that with a lot of my peers; Getter, Zomboy and all those guys who have made a great name in making big music have honed in on what really makes crowds move and are playing with different ways to do it. Look at Skrillex’s album… He’s focussed wholly on what makes a track catchy and work and cut out the rest. I think the work of all of these guys makes for a very exciting time in our music.”

Now we can’t wait for MUST DIE!’s own personal chapter. In the meantime, we’ll settle for the massive floor-shredder Hellcat… Released this week, it’s an unfettered love letter to the early days of rave and one Rob Swire.

“My favourite influences are 90s big beat. I wanted that Prodigy style massive sinister rave stab but make it accessible to now,” he explains. “It actually started as a way for me to pick Rob Swire’s brain on drum editing. I’ve had very limited interaction with Rob but I really love Pendulum and Knife Party so he’s been a big inspiration. EDM Death Machine has always blown me away. I tried to match that level of mixdown. I can’t… But I tried and will continue to try!”

Just when you thought MUST DIE! couldn’t push himself further….

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