Diamond Pistols: “Call Of Duty pissed me off!”

diamond pistols

Google Diamond Pistols and you’re likely to be deluged with COD Black Ops 2 links. While the last year has been a whirlwind of successes for the Seattle-based producer, this was definitely not part of his masterplan…

“I came up with my name two years ago,” he explains for the record once and for all. “Then six months later Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 came out and apparently diamond pistols were a really desired feature in the game. All these kids were putting up YouTube videos on how to unlock them. To be honest it really pissed me off! It made my name so hard to search!”

The name actually comes from a Seattle band called Fresh Espresso. A bit of a fan, Mr Pistols (real name Christian Dold) took inspiration from one of their songs. And besides, it seems no amount of gamer interference is likely to upset his trajectory… He’s been shooting from all 100-carat chambers since his first ever releases: his remix of Ace Hood’s Bugatti instantly won favour from the likes Aoki, Diplo, Chuckie, Carnage and DJ Snake who went as far as tweeting him a big up.

“Yeah he sent me a message saying ‘OMG that remix of Bugatti!’ I pretty much shit myself!” laughs Christian who followed Bugatti up with a debut Firepower EP that hit Beatport’s dubstep number one.

As mad as all this support and chart success sounds, though, if it wasn’t for a particular Rusko tune, Christian may never have even considered making a play for the dancefloor. Piano-player since the age of four and accomplished drummer and guitar strummer, his musical mission was entirely different until one fateful day on Facebook.

“I got into electronic music five years ago,” he explains. “My friend posted Hammertime and I was like ‘oh my god that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!’ I downloaded Logic the very same day. I moved into an apartment shortly after that too. So I pretty much quit playing electric guitar and drums because they were too loud… Production was the only way to make music.”

Thank god for Rusko. Thank god for apartments and residential volume levels. These two things are wholly responsible for Diamond Pistols’ epic, high profile bass bullets right now. Long may he continue shooting…