Diffrent Music Return With Revolution Of The Giraffe

In a world where genres can fall victim to a cycle of predictability and conformity, we need labels with the audacity to break the mould and carve its path. Diffrent Music, born in 2010 with a vision to inject fresh energy into a drum & bass landscape plagued by formulaic echoes, is back from a hiatus. They are not just back; they are roaring back into action with an electrifying new compilation that promises to set the scene ablaze: the ‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’ LP.

‘Revolution Of The Giraffe’ is available both digitally and on cassette. Additionally, for those seeking a tangible piece of the Diffrent Music experience, there will be a limited edition zine accompanying the release. This zine promises to offer a unique insight into the creative minds behind the label and the artists involved in this groundbreaking compilation.

Diffrent Music’s output is a rallying cry for those who crave something different, something daring, and something unforgettable. It’s a reminder that the underground music scene is still a thriving ecosystem where the unconventional and the extraordinary flourish. As Diffrent Music returns with this electrifying compilation, it leaves no doubt that it still sounds like nothing else, and the revolution is just beginning.

You can download or stream the revolution here.

We has a chat with some of the guys down at Giraffe HQ  and asked what are their favourite Diffrent tracks past and present. 


Favourite Diffrent music track: Chills ‘Everyones Mad’ 

I can’t pick a favourite, as they all have their own story and special space in my heart, this is the first tune we released and I believe it’s still way ahead of its time, and would catch people off guard if dropped in the middle of a big club night!

Favourite ROTG track – BRANDNEWTRUMPETS & Macc ‘We are the tightrope walkers’

Again, I don’t have a teachers pet, this is track one from the compilation, I kinda made it happen after hearing the demo while on train with BNT to Macc’s to master her debut EP, the rest is history!

Short quote about your journey with the label:

What started off as a pool of experimental d&b music from unsigned artists, fast developed into a bit of a cult, we started a podcast which got a bit of traction in the early days of Soundcloud, and managed to create a nice little buzz, offering something a bit less ‘expected’ or ‘done-to-death’ like most music you hear nowadays. Things have always happened organically here, and the many offshoots and series’ that have popped up and sometimes hung around (like SweetBox) have all been part of exploring new areas and expanding past the known Drum & Bass realms that are still ruling the landscape to this day. Right now the team is strong, the tunes are loaded up and I’m super charged for the next chapter!


Favourite Diffrent music track: Dexta- Third Life

Outrageously difficult question! Diffrent has an outstanding catalogue, screaming with talent and creative spirit. There are far too many stand out tracks, but if you force me to choose a favourite, I serenade, Third Life, by label don, Chris Dexta.  It journeys perfectly from beginning to end, with the lead synth carrying you all the way through.  I love the synth work and I can’t help but feel Kraftwerk woven in its fabric.   

Favourite ROTG track: Lakeway- Even Though

ROTG is revoltingly good and it takes you everywhere.  The sheer range makes it difficult to pick a favourite, but a tune that really speaks to me is Lakeway’s Even Though. It’s mad! But then he’s a mad genius… He’s been releasing some great work and I’m a fan!

Tell us about your journey with the label…

I love that Diffrent has made art with me, whether it’s creating artwork for releases, encouraging me to DJ my own music, or inspiring me with the talent that surrounds it, and I so look forward to doing more! Stamina Crew!


Favourite Diffrent music track: Crypticz  & Iyer- Don’t Need U

Jordan also made a gully tune with Dexta called Together, another one of my favourite releases from Diffrent. Now, don’t tell anyone I told you this, but despite his outward demeanour, I think Jordan might actually be a badman. 

Favourite ROTG track: Beezy x MNTX – Aftaparty

Been waiting for that one to be released for time! I’ve always been a big fan of Beezy, so it’s brilliant to finally have him on the label.

Tell us about your journey with the label…

We’ve been working together for about 10 years now, and what a 10 years it’s been! Dexta gave me my first real opportunities in this industry, and for that, I am eternally grateful. It’s been a wild and interesting journey so far. Here’s to many more years!


Favourite Diffrent music track: Mtwn – Tech 9

The first track I ever heard from Mtwn and it totally blew me away. The unique skipping rhythm of the percussion and nuanced bass work has aged incredibly well. The vocal sample really seals the deal to make for a hard hitting drum & bass track that sits firmly in the realm of Diffrent Music’s imitable sound.

Favourite ROTG track: Brand New Trumpets – We Are The Tightrope Walkers

The mood on this one is just next level, a track which oozes mood and complexity with its deep dark sounds underscoring a masterfully delivered poem. It gives me chills everytime.

Tell us about your journey with the label…

Diffrent music has been a source of inspiration from the start, providing me a place to develop my sound with complete trust. My sound today is directly shaped by the years of listening to, collaborating with, and releasing on Diffrent music.


Favourite Diffrent music track: BrandNewTrumpets – Smile & Disable

I loved this one from the moment I heard it, immaculate production, great vocals and great lyrics! Truly unique!

Favourite ROTG track: Crypticz – Could Have Been (Eusebeia Remix)

I’m a big fan of both Crypticz and Eusebeia so this is a perfect match!

Tell us about your journey with the label…

This is actually the first time i’ve been directly involved with Diffrent, but both Diffrent and our label none60 are cut from the same cloth and we’ve been fortunate to release three incredible singles by Dexta. I’m very happy to see the new album coming out as this music needs labels like Diffrent.


Favourite Diffrent music track: Type – Vibration

It’s the bass on this that gets me, first heard Danny Niceone play it at a house party. The pressure  made the air in the room feel thick.

Favourite ROTG track: Arkaik, Dexta & Fearful – Old Skool (ft. MC GQ) 

I played this one in Slovenia early this year and it went off. Probs my favourite set this year so this one definitely sticks out in my memory.

Tell us about your journey with the label.

Our relationship,  even with it being relatively fresh,  has brought me together with some amazing people and provided a wicked platform on which I’ve managed to attain my current successes within music,  much more then I could have imagined being within my reach.

And just in case anyone is interested,  here’s my personal favourite Diffrent track: Dexta- Fajita.

The absolute wonkiest of business.