Droptek’s Top 10 Halftime Hurters


HURTER (noun); British informal vernacular

A piece of music that hits the soul, makes the listener pull strange faces and challenge their preconceptions of what is achievable with contemporary studio techniques.

Example: “That new Droptek tune is a f**king hurter mate!”

 Synonyms: banger, wounder, stinker, belter


We asked Droptek to give us a top 10 and this is what he came back with. 10 banging, stinking, wounding belting halftime hurters to kickstart our week. Make sense; having flexed around the genre-mutating side of bass music since he emerged on Monstercat in the early 2010s, the young Bristol producer has always been loose in the boundary department, melting down the most exciting aspects of all genres. 50% of his new EP Fragments is in fact halftime   

“I’m really excited about this new wave of halftime drum & bass,” he tells us. “For me it’s the direction I would have liked to have seen dubstep take three or four years ago. Bass driven halftime beats have always been a favourite of mine so this is right up my street. Because it’s so fresh artists seem to be doing whatever they please and the rulebook is completely non-existent. It’s just one big boiling pot that takes the best bits from all the genres of music I love. It is already extremely versatile and I always enjoy hearing everyone’s twist on it. You’ll definitely be hearing more of my take on it in the future as well!”

Here’s a fine example of his take on halftime hurtery, taken from his freshly released Fragments EP. Scroll on down for 10 more examples, as picked by Mr Droptek himself…

Noisia – Exavolt (Mefjus Remix) 

Certified face melter from the schnitzel king. 


Eprom – B.F.G 

Infectious melody and analogue weirdness. 


Shield – My Flava

Guaranteed to get your head boppin’ and your booty shakin’.


Chee – Speak With Eyes See With Tongues 

Love the ethnic instruments and general tripped out feel of this one.


Vorso – Strung Out 

Been playing this one out it’s always a pleasure to mix. A good example of the dubstep influences that can be found within halftime.


 Monuman – Rise

If I had to sum up badass with a bassline. There’s magic in the breakdown and second drop.


 Champagne Drip – Oni 

Thickness and attitude in the bass line. The variation of the hook in the second half is top notch.


G Jones – Helix 

Might be considered more dubstep or trap (blurring the genre lines is a good thing) but I love the sheer amount of variation and groove in the main hook which gets stuck in your head for days after.



Moody Good – Super Lager

Pure attitude. Seems like Moody Good was angry about something when he came up with this one. Second drop will leave you exhausted.


Noisia – Tentacles (Ivy Lab Remix)

This one goes way out there into the weirdest and darkest piece of sound I’ve ever heard. Love what these boys are putting out.

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