Essential Listening: Goldie – The Alchemist

Goldie by Chelone Wolf - HR-5 - Please ensure that any used are credited to Photo by Chelone Wolf

If you’re interested in the development of drum & bass in any way whatsoever, BBC Radio 4 will be hosting an essential audio documentary that will shed light on the scene’s most famous contributor: Goldie.

A genuine scene forefather, the Metalheadz founder has taken his art – and, in turn, jungle – to the widest ears possible. From achieving gold disc status with his genre-defining 1995 album Timeless to his recent collaborations with the Heritage Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, London, Goldie has persistently taken his music to exciting new creative boundaries… And done so in his own inimitable characteristic way.

Broadcast at 11.30am UK time on Tuesday September 23, Goldie – The Alchemist is the first documentary of its kind. Created over six months, produced by Three Street Media and featuring contributions from the likes of Pete Tong, Fabio and Marc Mac the 30 minute documentary will explore Goldie’s real character, his challenges, his inner demons and constant reinvention in more detail than has ever been dared before.

A must-listen for all learned junglists, this – to our knowledge – is the first time drum & bass has ever been documented on BBC Radio 4. It will make its debut tomorrow at 11.30am, be repeated on Saturday September 27 at 15.30 and will be available on BBC’s listen again function for seven days.


Tune in to Goldie – The Alchemist and and get the story behind loaded Goldie quotes like these…

“I’d always carried my suitcase around all my life”

“There’s a hundred thousand Clifford Joseph Prices that struggled to make a name. I created this character Goldie just to protect me from all of the people that wanted to take it apart.”

“I never forget going back to my foster parents back then, called Mrs Noole and asking where did it all go wrong and she said you hated women.”

“With all the creativity for me it was like opening a Pandora’s box – lots of dark stuff came out as well, the stuff that I buried to forget about came out”

“I lived the rock’n roll lifestyle. I remember sitting Lucky Luciano’s house in LA sitting on a bed with Perry Farrell wearing a pair of wings whilst doing copious amounts of gear and I’ve got midgets walking around – what am I doing”

“You could almost imagine the attraction of the rest of the world for the urban arts right – we love this stuff man, it’s so fantastic, oh this graffiti is great – what does it say ?”