Everything You Need To Know About: L Plus – Hideout


When the world’s all messed up

and there’s no place left to run.

When you’re trapped within the walls

of your own fears… Just get lost in the sound

and welcome to my Hideout.

The hideout in question is L Plus’s studio. It’s also the name of his groin-kickingly heavy debut album. Tense, hench, dramatic and tailored with Technique’s dark theatrical style, Hideout is a bombardment of broadsword production and peaktime commotions.

It’s dynamically rich in sound, too. From the guttural halftime/neuro necksnapper Cinematic to the ludicrous build and main-stage drop of Everybody VIP via the jumpy grizzles of Ghost and the sprightly neuro charm of Original 80s, the Bratislavan badman (who used to be a postman) covers some serious ground, joining forces with the likes of John B, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Muffler along the way.

It would be rude not to find out more. It would be even ruder not to pose him some tenuous hideout dilemmas. Like the album, he didn’t disappoint…

Congratulations on the album… How long did it take? How many times did it almost kill you or drive you insane?

Thank you. It took 1 year intensive work in the studio and to be honest it was the longest year in my life. It was very emotional and yeah, there were few moments when I thought I’d take out the hard drive and throw it out of my car. But all those moments finally drove me up to a level higher. I made a big step by improving my studio engineering skills and now I’m happy to make new material.

There’s some really cool collabs on there. Tell us about the John B hook-up…

I really love collabs! As a producer I’m alone and all that creative and engineering parts are strictly my business. The way I’m comunicating to the people through my music is only my point of view. But when I’m making a tune with someone else, it’s like when you find a terrace on your new flat you didn’t knew about. It gives you wings to make something special.

Both John and I like music from 80’s. Especially soundtracks from 80s. They drive us crazy. When we agreed to collaborate it was the shortest communication between us ever because we both feeling the same from the day one. Sharing pieces of the tune was really funny, I was laughing when I first listened to a part of intro John send. I was so amazed that nobody was able to kick me out of studio until the first version was finished. You should talk to my girlfriend.

Your favourite things from the 80s are…

All my childhood memories are from the 80s! For example telephones, I remember the times I was addicted into old school cable dial ring telephone. I was the master of dialing, I knew exactly when to start dialing a number to the radio station to win prizes. I created my own bypass hack so I could listen to my sister’s phone calls. Also my electric guitars from the times I played in punk groups. There’s really big piece of me hidden in the 80s.

Your three proudest moments on the album…

The biggest moment was when Drumsound & Bassline Smith agreed with a collab tune with me. They were my heroes from the beginning of my D&B DJ career. One of my first vinyl releases was from them on Technique Recordings. Another moment is the tune Hideout with its narrator intro. I met my friend who works for big international advertising agency and told him the idea of Hideout and after a week he send me the text which tells everything you need to know about my album. Then I just found the coolest voiceover guy on the planet and all was done. The last proud moment is a tune called Cinematic which I wrote together with Muffler. I end every show with this tune since it was written and the crowd is always as amazed as me! It’s something you are happy to have in your record box and just waiting for the specific moment to play.

I want to end on some hideout-flavoured dilemmas. Here we go… L Side, L 33 and LL Cool J are chasing you in the street because they don’t want you using an L in your name. Where do you hide?

I’ll vanish in an EL Diablo Lamborghini.

You’ve rocked up to a club to do a soundcheck and there’s a massive crowd of fans. They spot you and go crazy, they want to touch you and maybe even kiss you or possible grab your personal area. You’re scared, you fear for your life and your driver has sped away… Where do you hide?

I will tell them it was a joke, that I’m MC Coppa and they need to wait a little longer for Mr L Plus. He is smaller and not so pretty. But very good in bed.

The decks explode during your set and the club owner blames you for playing SUCH FIRE. He reckons they’re made of gold and cost him $10,000. He says you can’t leave until you pay him. Where do you hide?

No need to get nervous, he can just pay my fee minus those $10,000 and that’s it. Then we can go and buy a new pair of those Paris Hilton decks. But good idea; I’ll highlight this potential problem in my technical rider.

You’re spotting Simon Bassline Smith in the gym and accidentally get sidetracked by a girl on a treadmill. You miss your spot and Simon drops a 60kg weight. On his face! It’s not looking good – you have disfigured your boss. Where do you hide?

You know Simon, right? So this is serious trouble. Argentina should be safe. Yeah! Argentina.

You’re being interviewed by an annoying guy who’s asking you frankly ridiculous questions about hideouts and you want this to stop. Where do you hide mate?

A better question would be where to hide him? You know what I mean? There’s a shovel, rope and black plastic bags in my car trunk. I know some places where we should have privacy. To be honest, it would be a shame to lose such a journalist, I really like you man.

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