Everything You Need To Know About: Agressor Bunx – Properties Of Addition

The clue is in their name: Agressor Bunx are dark, relentless and audaciously aggressive.

Alex and Nikolay aren’t just partners of production, but are in fact brothers, born and bred in Ukraine. Although formed in 2009, it was a few years of solitary studio time for these guys until they properly hit the scene in 2013.

The Eastern European pair have graced the likes of Blackout, Ram, Program, Bad Taste, Citrus and those guys that want to feast on your organs, Eatbrain. And they’ve done so with some genuinely monstrous creations. After the success of their EP The Order last year, the duo are back on Eatbrain with their highly anticipated debut LP Properties of Addition. Out May 29 it weighs in at a mean 18 tracks. The deeper you get, the heavier the experience.

As if you’d expect anything less from these two. Seeming less like producers and more like scientists, the pair have created a concoction of textured experimental sound designs that leave you with more questions than answers. Properties Of Addition amplifies this signature even more as the brothers continue to fine-tune and develop their capability of transporting their listeners from earth as we know it to some distant dystopian land. In fact one of the most recent tracks to be revealed from the album – Diffusion – sounds less like your average d&b track, and more like a ferocious army of androids marching your way.

This theme continues throughout the album as we’re hurled and heaved between razor edge drum & bass, innovative electronica and toxic doses of definitive neurofunk. From the hard thumping snares in Human Element, to the intimidating sirens in Bleak Shadows that sound like the world is ending; this is by far Agressor Bunx at their finest.

We had to find out more…

Guys! Your music makes my face melt off! How do you do it?

We really don’t know how we do that! We always try to make something special and unusual!

2016 was the year you really stamped your mark on the scene. How are you feeling about 2017? 

Last year was really nice. We had so many big releases and huge events. But we are really hoping this year will be even bigger. We have many surprises up our sleeves.

I’m intrigued! We need to talk about Properties Of Addition…

We are feeling proud. We worked on it for a really long time, so we are extremely excited it’s finally out. We hope people are going to enjoy it. We have tried our hardest to make it interesting and memorable. 

Some tracks surprised me actually, it’s an expansion on your usual style

Yeah it is a huge album with different sounds. Some tunes aren’t really D&B! We decided to put some experimental sounds in it. 

You still go hard though

We do! It’s still our aggressive and hard… Just how we like it.

How long have you been working on it?

Most tunes were created last year. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making good quality, fresh and cool sounds.

If you had to pick your favourite track…

Oh my god we can’t answer that, that’s too hard.

Diffusion is absolute carnage!

Yes! Diffusion is a huge tune! It has a very unusual sound. It has old school vibes, but with a new mix down and fresh structure.

Do you have a heavy using of sampling or is it all from scratch?

We really don’t like to use the same samples. They are all new creations. Every time we produce we feel the need to make more and more new sounds to make it interesting!

You guy have set the bar so high on your production, you think you can top it?

We’re always going to try make better and better production. We want our tracks to be of even better quality each time. I mean, it’s very important to keep moving up. We’re not going to stop!

I’ve got to ask, what’s behind the name Agressor Bunx?

So when we were trying to find a name for ourselves, we were looking for something fresh, and unusual but easy to remember. As we make such hard and aggressive drum and bass, we chose the word Agressor. Then Bunx means something like ‘boom’ but with a bit more creativity.

Tell me one thing, how on earth do you two make those crazy extra-terrestrial sounds in your music?

Ha! We don’t exactly envision it before we start, sometimes it just happens. It mostly comes from when we start producing and we just catch an idea and hear a sound we like, and then we just keep doing it more and more.

Cheers for gifting us all some neuro on Christmas day with the release of Cauldron! How was collaborating with The Upbeats?

We love them! We met The Upbeats at Imagination Festival in Prague last November. That’s when we decided to make a collaboration. We finished Cauldron in December so we decided to make a free present on Christmas day. But yeah we love those guys, we speak quite a lot.

What do you think of the state of neurofunk at the moment?­

We think neurofunk has evolved! When you listen to neurofunk from 2000, it’s very, very different. But every year you can hear changes and new additions in the style. That’s why neurofunk is still as alive as ever.

Who are you guys rating at the moment?

Beyond doubt a Noisia are the best D&B artists at the moment! It’s not like they don’t have a big name. Every single time, they make different sounds coupled with amazing production. We seriously love it. 

Misanthrop and other artists believe the term ‘neurofunk’ itself died years ago due to newer sounds today. Thoughts?

Everybody has their own opinion. Maybe he’s right, we really don’t know! But it really doesn’t matter, because drum & bass is still doing really good. That’s all we need!

How’s the Eatbrain team? It’s grown into more a movement than label!

We’re good! Eatbrain really is one big family. We are growing and only getting bigger. We love to work with Jade and the Eatbrain team so much. It’s been an amazing time.

I saw you play b2b with Jade and Mindscape in the car park of Hospitality In The Dock. It was mental. Please tell me we are going to see you more in the UK this year

Thanks! Yes it was massive! We really loved playing a long side them both. Next ones in the UK will be at Boomtown in August, Fabric in September and Motion outdoor event that month too.

What’s it like to be climbing the ladder of success with your own family?

Sometimes it’s really hard to reach a mutual agreement regarding some things. But we are brothers, and everything we do, we do it together. That has helped us get to where we are today.

Do things ever get aggressive?

Ha! Only our music!

Agressor Bunx – Properties Of Addition is out May 29 on Eatbrain

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