Everything You Need To Know About Changing Faces’ Debut EP Shadows

With a respected, rising status in D&B for over several years – by way of singles and appearances on the likes of Hospital, Pilot, Soulvent, Med School, RAM and Fokuz – you could be mistaken that Slovakian next-gen vibesmith Changing Faces would already have a selection of EPs to her name. But she doesn’t.

This week sees the release of her first solo EP: Shadows. A four-track sojourn on Spearhead, Shadows is the sound of Changing Faces flexing her widest palette. Mirroring her eclectic DJ sets, the EP is a precision balance of the deeper liquid she’s known best for and heavier, rolling pieces of shiny space-age dancefloor damage. Her debut on BCee’s label, it’s her most accomplished body of work to date. We called her up to find out more…

How was your summer?

I’ve been busy in the studio so haven’t had quite as many shows but it’s been fun. Especially Hospitality On The Beach. That was quite incredible.

Yeah it looked beautiful. You have been quieter this year release wise. Have you got a lot of releases ready to drop?

There is some music, yes. But I moved to Bratislava and I didn’t make as much music but I do have this Spearhead EP, I’m working on more melodic stuff. I’m doing as much as I can.

How’s D&B in Slovakia?

It’s good. We have a lot of parties but it’s always a lot harder than the stuff I play.

Isn’t everyone just playing jump up now?

Ha! I play a few jump up tracks myself you know…

Your style has developed since we first heard you at BEC two years ago. I wondered if the bigger shows had influenced that?

Not really. I’ve always loved to play everything and represent across the board when I can. I love dancefloor D&B and want to produce more of it.

You can hear elements of it on your single on Shadows and Waves. You cover a much wider spectrum.

Thanks. I wanted to make half of it in my usual style and half of it in more of a dancefloor style. Often when someone books me they expect just to hear only liquid. I wanted an EP that showed my whole style. It’s also my first EP so it’s a good time to show that range of styles.

Your first solo EP, right?

Yeah I had one before but it was with my friends. I’ve been making a lot of collaborations because I wasn’t inspired and found it hard to finish tracks myself. But I persevered and this EP was the result.

Was there any particular track that caused that length of time?

At Dawn took me a year and a half. Maybe even two. But the rest took me about half a year to complete.

A year and a half! That must have pushed you to the edge!

Yes at points it did. It started as collab with the In:Most guys but they didn’t want to carry on so I had to swap out all of their sounds and make everything new. I always had a good feeling about the track. For a while I thought it would never come out, but I’m very pleased it has.

Do In:Most like the track? Do they wish they’d carried on with it?

I think they do but I don’t know if they wished they’d carried with it. They’re great fun to work with, we made a track called Composure for Hospital this year. I hope to do work with them again so biggup those guys.

So the link up Spearhead… Last time we spoke you’d actually played instead of Bcee at Let It Roll!

Yeah he couldn’t arrive so I played instead. We didn’t know each other then, though. He just hit me up a year ago and asked if I’d like to release on Spearhead so I was said ‘yes let’s do it’. I love the sound of the label and felt I could make more melodic things that he would be open to. I don’t know any other label that would have as much faith in this EP as Spearhead.

So what’s coming up next?

I have lots of works in progress and I just dropped some sick merchandise in collaboration with Hoofbeats, a Czech crew that I am now a part of. It’s got some nice design from a girl from my hometown. You can check it out here. I’m also making a new promo mix.

You did a collaboration with Logistics earlier who’s on your dream collaboration list?

Definitely Dimension. He’s my number one producer. I love his style and I think he’d be really interesting to learn from and get a vibe with. I’d love to make a track with Pola & Bryson, they’re one of my favourite acts from the new generation who have come in during the last few years and really got a lot of attention. I’d love to work with High Contrast, too.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a tune that turned you onto drum & bass, right?

Yes it was! We’ve met a few times and he’s played my music. He’s a legend.

He is. Any more legends in your life?

Yes. Everyone who has supported me at shows or bought my music. And especially my amazing girlfriend Patricia. We also DJJ together and play a few shows. I’m loving that. She is a great DJ too!
Also I forgot to mention another highlight of the summer. At Hospitality On The Beach, after my set, about 20 UK heads came to me and told me very very kind words, which I was very humbled by.

Any more summer highlights?

Actually yes. When I was DJing few weeks ago a random guy came over to me and gave me 2 Euros haha.

Okay. What did you spend it on?

I went full Homer Simpson and bought a pink donut. What else would you spend it on?

Touche! Anything else to add?

Yes, I’m doing a competition for some merchandise on my Facebook soon so please come and check it.

Changing Faces – Shadows EP

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