Everything You Need To Know About Macky Gee – Moments

July 20 sees Macky Gee drop his fourth album Moments. Released on his own label Down 2 Earth Musik, the 20 track document features the likes of Zinc, Skepsis, Ragga Twins, Murdock, Erb N Dub and fellow SaSaSaS members Harry Shotta and Phantasy and it captures the most accelerated, hectic chapters in his career so far.

Taking off from where 2016’s LP Sway left us, but taking in his stratospheric rise to the top, Moments reflects Macky’s many accomplishments: since his last album he’s become one of the most prominent solo artists to crossover from the jumpier side of D&B (his track Tour was our most viewed track of 2017), he’s also a key member of the unstoppable festival headliners SaSaSaS and he’s played a major part in the relaunch of Breakbeat Kaos as a frequent collaborator with Phantasy and DJ Fresh himself.

As a result of this seemingly ubiquitous activity, Moments showcases Macky’s broadest and most confident sound to date. And while it’s the still very much underpinned with his signature sing-along riff style (especially tracks such as Turn Up, Business and Lunatic) he’s also explored the world evocative sci fi vocals (Selfish) and experimental tribalistic halftime (Active) and plenty in between. Four albums deep but still as energetic and full of ideas of an act who’s only just begun, we caught up with Macky to find out more about the album and five of his favourite acts he’s inspired by right now…

How long has this been in the making and how did you find time when you’ve been busy with SaSaSaS and the BBK tracks with Phantasy and Fresh?

It’s been on and off (due to a lot of touring as well) I’d say a couple of years. Some of the tracks that are actually on the album I made well over a year ago but if you love what you do you’ll always find the time haha! Nah to be honest, with everything else being worked on outside of solo stuff I made time for the album. I’d literally dedicate certain days to it, put my phone on flight mode and focus on getting certain ideas built and tracks finished. I spent a good few weeks throughout the year doing that and I found it really helped avoid the everyday distractions. That’s very important as it’s so easy to pick your phone up and get sidetracked!

This is your fourth album now. Was there anything you wanted Moments to achieve that you didn’t quite hit with the last albums?

Fourth? Is it? Madness! With this album, I wanted to spread my wings a bit more. I absolutely love the EDM sound and have done for years so I kind of wanted to create a bit of a unique edge to it with some kind of EDM/D&B crossover. There’s also some techy stuff in there, some liquid, some more experimental stuff, rollers and of course jump up. I wanted to keep my sound in some of the tracks on the album as well though, it’s so difficult to find a balance for the fans. So many people like a certain sound of mine but some want something new, so for me it was about trying to have a happy medium for everyone aswell as me trying some new stuff. But all in all, I wanted this album to be more of a listening album rather than just aiming for more dance floor anthems. In the end, there’s a bit of both though.

We’re loving the Skepsis collaboration. Nice to see you got him on the D&B dark side… Reckon he could convince you to make some 140 BPM bassline bangers in the future?

Haha yeah man! Me and Skepsis have played about working on some stuff but it’s not quite ready. I do love this bassline sound at the moment again. I’m a big fan of all this EDM out in America as well. It’s pretty much on par with that now and, with some of the tunes that I get sent, it’s also very close to the current jump up sound originally. I grew up listening to garage music before I discovered drum and bass so I’ll always have room for some 140, Just not too much!

Another collaboration that must have been a touch to work was with Zinc. How was that?

Yeah Zinc is a legend! I wanted to get some features on the album but not too many. Zinc was defo a great feature for it and was so good to get him back on some D&B. Top bloke too!

Let’s wrap up with some new legends. Please big up five new generation D&B artists who are really inspiring you right now….

Ok so….


He’s on my Label Down 2 Earth Musik I think he’s incredibly talented and has a musical ear with his sound which I like.


Not so much ‘New Generation’ But i need to make it clear he’s got issues and probably the most disgusting jump up producer out there (sound wise) I seem to always screw face when he sends tunes across.. Oh yeah, He’s featured on the album too.


He’s also been about for a while but I want to give him credit where it’s due. I love his music and he’s a funny f****er.



He’s been sending me some bits recently and I’m really liking what he’s up to at the moment.


Joe Ford

Really liking his music and how in depth he can go with it all.


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Macky Gee – Moments is out July 20 on Down 2 Earth Musik