Exclusive First Interview: Jade Blue

jade blue logo

Jade Blue… A colourful name for a colourful artist.

A dab hand at the violin, piano and clarinet, she first picked up Logic in the summer of 2012. Less than two years later her debut comes our way via the unstoppable Black Butter.

“It’s all exciting and all very cool,” laughs the 21 year old producer who, until recently, studied photography. “I’m very fortunate to be getting it out on Black Butter. I’m still pinching myself that people are listening to my music!”

With beats as deep and rumbling as that, it’s impossible not to listen. What began as a bootleg by Frequency that Jade saw potential in has now developed a life of its own. And it’s backed with the majestic, blurred-focus string-soaked Moving Away…

“Having a B-side was probably the best thing about this release,” she explains. “Being able to express myself over two completely different tracks? Amazing! It’s nice to have both out there to show my diversity.”

Covering a broad spectrum across two tracks, when Jade says ‘diversity’, she means it. It shouldn’t be too surprising, though… Her knowledge of electronic music’s deepest roots is down to her first gen raver father and his extensive record collection. And her knowledge of production can be attributed to none other than Koven’s Max Rowat… her other half and source of continuous inspiration.

“I’ve always been fascinated with what Max does,” explains Jade who’s first ever electronic music investments were DJ Jean’s The Launch and Mr Oizo’s Flat Eric. “Watching and listening to him made me want to know more. People can be cynical. I don’t mind! I’m just fortunate that Max has taught me and inspired me. It’s my music and I’m really pleased to have it out there.”

With two more big tracks already in the bag, Jade will have even more out there very soon… And you heard about her here first!

And to celebrate the fact that this is her debut editorial adventure – and the fact that her name comprises two colours – we thought we’d surprise her with a really tenuous colour-related word association game.

Red – “Strawberries”

Black – “Gadgets”

Yellow – “Piss”

Purple – “Rain”

Green – “Mould”

Pink – “Girly”

Brown – “Chocolate”

Turquoise – “The sea”

Silver – “Jewellery”

Gold – “Winning”

Winning? She most certainly is. Be sure to catch Jade at her debut performance at Treatment in Cardiff on April 4 in Cardiff with Gorgon City, My Nu Leng and Redlight. On April 15 she’ll be making her London debut supporting Labyrinth Ear at Madame JoJo’s, London. Closely followed by White Noise, Fez Club Cambridge on April 17.