EXCLUSIVE: Fox Stevenson announces Cloudhead Records and brand new track All This Time

fox stevenson 2

Producer, singer and songwriter extraordinaire Fox Stevenson has announced a brand new label Cloudhead Records and revealed the lead track from the forthcoming EP All This Time.

“The label is named after the first track I ever had uploaded onto YouTube,” the man previously known as Stan SB explains. “It was a big break for me and got me some amazing exposure.”

Over the years this exposure has scored major wins with some of the biggest labels in our game including Firepower and Circus Records. The latter will be releasing this awesome instrumental Tico, as the opening track of their forthcoming LP Grand Central on March 24.

Fox has heaps more to follow. And much of it is coming our way on Cloudhead…

“I’ve sometimes found my sound doesn’t prick up the ears of straight up dance labels as the structure and vibe of my songs can be a little more pop,” he states. “My label is for the stuff that won’t get picked up by dance labels but I still really want to get out there. I’m very lucky to have such a passionate fanbase who enjoy most of what I do regardless of label and genre.”

Cloudhead launches with a series of free tracks on March 17 via a Spotify premier then every other platform on March 24. All This Time will be the first original EP, due late April, listen to the title track exclusively right here.

A genre unto himself, Cloudhead gives Fox the ultimate opportunity to flex his most versatile musical muscles… And ensure his fans’ continuous thirst for Stevenson sonics remains quenched at all times.

Basically I just want to make sure people don’t get bored!

“There’s a sound that people are looking for that changes almost every week. Cloudhead is for the music that doesn’t fit into that sound,” he explains. “I’ve got another EP with Firepower due in the summer and this will bridge the gap between now and then… Basically I just want to make sure people don’t get bored!”

With a repertoire and style as distinct as his, our ears aren’t likely to be bored any time soon!

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