EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Billon – Special (Nu:Tone Remix)


Some house tracks instantly lend themselves to a D&B remix. Billon’s Special is definitely one of them. The jazzy chords, Maxine Ashley’s emphatic vocals, that warm vibe… Every element of the London house duo’s original translates perfectly into a 170 suit. And Nu:Tone has played the consummate tailor.

“Remixing is especially rewarding when you get musical elements that you wouldn’t have come up with yourself, but you really enjoy working with,” says Nu:Tone. “Remixing Special was one of those occasions. The original elements were so strong that there were a number of different directions the remix could have viably gone in. It was a lot of fun to work on!”

The love goes both ways; it turns out Billon are card carrying drum & bass heads and love what Nu:Tone has created…

“We are big fans of D&B and jungle,” they tell us. “Nu:Tone has always stood out as a musician and producer, often bringing  house and techno influences into the mix. We felt it would be amazing to get him to remix our track. Enjoy!”

Special is released this October on Rinse. For more Billon pleasure head to their Soundcloud page where they’re giving away an equally special deep house bubbler Love Me In A Different Way.

Now wrap your ears around this and start feeling Special…