EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Shapeshifter VS The Upbeats – Bloodstream


POW: Two of New Zealand’s biggest ambassadors The Upbeats and Shapeshifter collide next month with their massive SSXUB EP.

Bloodstream is the first track to be aired from this five-track bass explosion which the men behind it describe as “a little bit of everything from both camps”.

“I think it’s a great marriage of styles…” states The Upbeats’ Dylan who claims his own bloodstream is rampant with chocolate milk, gin, tea, seawater and hamburgers.  

“One on hand we have our more technical dancefloor-oriented approach to things. One the other you have Shapeshifter’s musical sensibilities and keenness to experiment. It adds a dimension that we couldn’t really have got with a traditional D&B collaboration.”

And what a dimension! Roadtested by both acts throughout the summer at every festival they can shake a dubplate at, they’ve told us it’s caused “some of the most amazing front row screw faces”. Check it out and you’ll understand why… 

Bloodstream is released August 22 on True Tone ahead of the full EP on September 12. You heard it here first!