EXCLUSIVE: Wilkinson reveals new album!


Expecting Lazers Not Included 2.0? Well stop it…

Wilkinson has exclusively announced to UKF that he’s flipped the switch and completely scrapped the updated album sequel project we spoke to him about two months ago in favour of something MUCH bigger.

“Yeah I’ve changed the plan,”he smirks. “I’m writing a new album instead now. I haven’t made an announcement because I’ve been too busy!”


So here’s how things were going to go down: Last week, August 18 to be precise, was set to see the launch of Lazers Not Included 2.0: A repacked, repurposed, rebooted version of his debut album with six brand new tracks. Wilkinson described the release as the perfect solution; He had lots of new material to unleash, but didn’t feel ready to write an entire album.

Well things have changed…

“With labels you’re always trying to find out the right opportunity to put out an album,”he explains. “Should it come straight after a single? Should it be at the end of the summer? Should it be later in the autumn? All these discussions were happening, dates were being changed and I was just busy writing new music…I suddenly thought ‘you know what? I’m just going to do another whole album!’”

BANG. It’s far too early to talk release dates or album titles, but here’s what we do know: Wilkinson’s developing his direction and he’s been massively inspired by the diversity of shows he’s played this year.

I love vocals, and always have. I love the heavier, darker instrumental tunes, and always have. Now it’s about bridging that gap more than I have before.

“I’m in a different place now with my music and where I want to go. I’ve done the chart thing, I’m really happy with that, now I want to develop things again,”he states. “I’ve done so many shows this year and they’ve inspired me. I know what’s working and I know what I want to write a lot more than I did before: I love vocals, and always have. I love the heavier, darker instrumental tunes, and always have. Now it’s about bridging that gap more than I have before.”

Explaining how he wants to return to the grittier dynamics that got him into drum & bass in the first place, while retaining the full-flavoured vocal coating we’ve come to expect from him, his vision is to create something that will resonate with the very roots of D&B while appealing to the wider, non D&B specific crowds he’s been experiencing.

“If you incorporate that heavy Ram sound with well-known tunes people love it. It always goes off!”he explains. “I’ve played a lot of gigs this year where people don’t understand drum & bass – places like Ibiza for Radio 1 where I’m playing alongside Tiesto and all these type of people who I’d never dreamed I’d be playing alongside…These types of shows have inspired me and it’s a privilege to be that guy who’s bridging the gap.”

Of course being a genre ambassador at this level comes with its downsides…Criticism has been thrown his way, but Wilkinson sees a much larger picture.

“Yeah a fewpeople hate on it. Some people say ‘oh you’ve sold out’,”he admits. “But I haven’t…I’m still making tunes I’ve always made. Instead of trawling through hours of samples, I can get someone in and record proper vocals that are bespoke to me and my sound. It’s amazing to have the support from the likes of Radio 1 and artists from different genres and I want to maintain that. It’s awesome to be the only drum & bass DJ on a line-up…Play after a house set and you cause this completely different atmosphere that’s more energetic.”

Representing drum and bass to a much wider audience, Wilkinson is showing fans of other dance genres what we’ve all known for yearsThere is no better genre to lose you shit to than D&B. And there are few better shows in D&B to lose your shit to than Wilkinson’s Lazers Not Included show…Which UKF is bringing to London for our fifth birthday!

“We’ve been developing it in stages,”he explains. “It’s me DJing with guest vocalists coming in different stages to sing the tracks. Having that live edge and interaction really hypes the crowd up even more and we’ve got some amazing set design, visuals and lighting production which I’m really excited about. We’ve tested it at a few events such as T In The Park in Scotland and Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow and they’ve gone down really really well. There are LEDs and strobes and CO2…We’re giving the audience everything we can from our set. I couldn’t be happier with it and I’m very excited to start touring the show later this year.”

Expecting a new album from Wilkinson? Well stop it…

That’s not until next year. Check him on tour first.

Wilkinson’s Lazers Not Included is happening on October 10, Building 6, London for UKF’s Fifth Birthday. Grab your tickets now!