EXCLUSIVE: Zomboy unveils WTF!?… The first single from his long-awaited debut album!


He’s teased us about it for several months on his Facebook page but now we can confirm its officiality: Zomboy’s debut album The Outbreak will be released this August.

The first single to spawn from this long-awaited opus – a firing 4/4 stomper cheekily entitled WTF!? – will be ours for keepsies on May 19. Exclusive to UKF, THIS is what it will sound like…

We called up the Z man himself to find out more…

“It’s not called What The Fuck, that would be a bit rude of me,” he laughs. “It’s a bit of a multi-meaning. Primarily it’s an introduction to the new sound. I want it to be a positive WTF and not a ‘what the fuck is this?’”

In terms of its inspiration and slight shift in focus from the savage saw-toothed sonics he founded his career on, Zomboy explains how his time spent lurking and larking at massive US festivals has enlightened him in the way of big room dynamics.

“Not the stupidly simple, super-cringe stuff,” he’s quick to add. “But the more complex interesting things in the genre. I touched on it on the last EP, and there’s going to be a lot more on the new album. About four or five tracks. I’ve been playing some of it out in my shows and it’s gone down well. Which is a good sign!”

To showcase more of this exciting new sound, a mammoth 28 date US adventure (The Outbreak Tour) proceeds on May 16 with Cookie Monsta, TC and Eptic in support. As for the album, while it’s looking like a dead cert for an August release, Zomboy clearly likes to keep everyone on their toes: us fans, the label Never Say Die… Even himself.

I know that I scare the hell out of the label by keeping hold of things until the last possible minute. Or going suddenly quiet on them for a while.

“I’m still finishing the album now! I’m actually freaking about a bit about it!” he grins. “I want to finish right on the deadline. You can stay a lot more current that way. I can’t leave things that long. I need every second I can about it. I know that I scare the hell out of the label by keeping hold of things until the last possible minute. Or going suddenly quiet on them for a while. There’s only one person there I keep in touch with when it comes to ideas of songs. No one else will hear things until I think they’re done. Do I get told off? Not really. But I do scare them.”

Show us someone who isn’t scared by a walking talking, half-dead/half boy hybrid who peddles in extreme sound design. There’s only one more question left to ask… If an outbreak was to happen, what would Zomboy do?

“Well I take all my advice from the walking dead, so my advice is a little biased,” he considers. “But if you want my advice then I’d suggest forming a small clan, commandeering some type of safe area like an old prison or school and starting a new life. Good luck!”

WTF!? is out May 19 on Never Say Die. Let us know what you think of it!


UK producer and DJ Zomboy, one of the biggest names in bass, has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. 2014 saw the release of his eagerly anticipated LP ‘The Outbreak’ on Never Say Die Records, which allowed him to expand his ... Read More