My Favourite Bassline: Bukez Bonuz!


So we asked a load of our favourite DJs for their favourite bassline. They all came up with some incredible selections.

One DJ, however, came back with a few more than one…

“One favourite bassline?” laughs Bukez Finezt, the man behind Under Control – one of the most unanimous underground dubstep tracks of the year so far. “That’s not even possible!”

So he gave us 10. And they all slap in a serious way. Bukez Finezt: We salute you!

Digital Mystikz – Haunted

I was listening to dubstep before this one came out. But it was one of those tunes which inspired me to start producing dubstep even more.

Rusko – Biggest Chopper

This tune was one of the first dubstep tunes which brought me into soundsystem culture. Into a world of experiencing bass music live on a big system. What it means and especially what it feels like.

Bar9 – Murda Sound

This tune took my productions to a whole new level. I was inspired because at that time it was fresh. Before that dubstep was not that “aggressive”. I would say this was one of those tunes which started
the whole brostep hype. The “bitcrush” hype was big back then!

Coki – Spongebob

This tune always made me go crazy at parties. Spongebob and Haunted were the first two bits I was always waiting for at our local parties where my good friend and dubstep-mentor DUBOUT used to play. He had, and still has, all the early day plates which are known for the orgin and history of dubstep. To hear the bassline of Spongebob on a system was the finest brain-melting and ball-tickling experience I liked about hearing dubstep live.

The Widdler – Visitors


This guy from Austin, Texas has unique and clean sounding basslines. He inspired me a lot to go more into the wet and slobbery sounding style of dubstep. Just make it sound silly and interesting.
Like this tune; Visitors makes the bass sound extra-terrestrial!

Pinch – Human

I found out about this tune way too late. Such a simple but addictive bassline. I used to sing along to this.

M.U.G.E.N. – Luke Envoy (Jakes Remix)

I used to watch the early GetDarker shows a lot. And when Jakes dropped this I was blown away. A whole different view on bass weight for me, it sounds like a starting car! This can bring so much
energy when you’ve got the right system!

Lost – Ironhide

Also from Hench… Lost was a mad inspiration for me and the whole dubstep scene. He brought new ideas of basslines to the table. This guy started so young and still today is a big inspiration.

Mala – Lean Forward

Legendary tune. This tune for me has the biggest second drop of them all. When the vocal and rhodes come in? Ohhh! Always a magical and special moment for me at shows. This tune inspired me to do more of my tribal, organic and skanky sounding tunes. It still inspires me today when I drop it. It actually inspired me to do World Riddim in early 2013.

Kromestar – R2D6

R U STOOOOPID BLUD? This is one of the tunes which makes me go nuts! Kromestar on something totally different. He also is an inspiration from day one. I am proud to be one of the people who has
this tune in his selection. I always try to drop it no matter if I play a darker set, a more aggressive set or even focus on grime. Too silly… Which is what I love about it!

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