Feel The Love: Could Sigma be packing the next D&B number one?

sigma nobody to love

The heat surrounding Sigma’s Nobody To Love is increasing by the minute. Released last Sunday it’s looking set for a UK chart appearance within a matter of days thanks to its heavy rotation on the radio, massive cross-scene DJ support and awesome club-minded refixes from the London duo themselves…

We called them up to see how they’re coping with such intense spotlight pressure…

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” grins Joe, one half of the rudeboy outfit. “You spend your day making music because you love it, you try not to dream of support and success like this. We’re really happy about how it’s gone so far… Who knows what will happen in the charts this weekend?”

We know it’s likely to do well. The UK charts has been grievously assaulted by drum & bass lately with the likes of Matrix & Futurebound and Wilkinson both smashing the face off the top 10 in recent months . Subject to an intense bidding war, the Kanye West-phrasing Nobody To Love was always going to follow those same footsteps.

“I wouldn’t say it was a bidding war, as such, but there was a lot of interest from a lot of labels,” says Joe. “The fact that other labels were quick to show interest gave 3Beat an incentive to smash it. And they have!”

What’s more, it came off the heels of Rude Boy. An unequivocal club anthem since last summer, across the two releases the duo’s sonic breadth and creative scope has been flexed to the max.

“It’s a nice contrast to Rude Boy, yeah,” agrees Joe. “We always try and have variety in what we do. Essentially it’s all party music. We like to make people dance and have fun!”

And we’re having fun supporting them. Besides Life itself (their label and IRL life) these are five things that Sigma absolutely love right now…


A big shout out to Murganos in St Albans! It’s basically a fake Nandos round the corner from our studio and it’s so much better than the real restaurant chain! The portions are massive, the sauces are sick. They do this mad mint sauce which you wouldn’t expect to work with chicken but trust me, it does!

Our Studio

Our second love after chicken… You’ve got to get your priorities straight, right? We spend so much time in the studio that we’ve made it very homely and comfortable. There’s even a TV in there. Not that we watch it but it’s nice just in case, plus we just love gadgets.


We love trainers! We’re growing some very nice collections. We went on a bit of a spree the other day… I got some more Air Force Ones and Cam got some Huaraches. We both rock different trainer vibes but we’re both a bit smitten with Nikes.

90s hip-hop

We both have a mutual love for this era of hip-hop. I’m more of an east coast guy and Cam is a west coast guy. I don’t hate on the west coast but, for me, you can’t get better than PremierX’s art with a sampler, Alchemist, JD and all of those guys. It’s such an inspiring period in modern music history, when we’re not making music in the studio hip-ghop is where we find inspiration.


Being in a room surrounded by gadgets, for both us, is like being a kid in a sweet shop. The most recent gadget I’ve bought was a Bose sound dock. It’s sick! It sounds amazing and the batteries last about seven hours. Neither of us ever travel without an iphone, ipad and laptop. And I’m often packing an SLR camera too. Whenever I go through customs it’s just a nightmare; cables, hard drives, gadgets. When we’re flying together we don’t even talk to each other; once the laptop is dead you’ve got your ipad and once that battery is dead you’ve got your phone. Conversation is so overrated!

Let’s get Sigma to number one this weekend!

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