Flashback: Five Big Moments In The Life Of Goldie…

Goldie by Chelone Wolf - HR-5 - Please ensure that any used are credited to Photo by Chelone Wolf

DJ mixes eh? The world is awash with them, hanging off Soundcloud like a jumbo-sized suit, every DJ from budding to big time vying for your attention by way of slick selection skills.

With such variety and scope going out for free, commercial mixes really need to go the extra level – and another level again – to get our attention and part with our hard-earned.

Cue Ministry Of Sound’s Masterpiece series. The clue’s in the title… A brand reserved for the most influential characters in electronic music, in the past the series has been home to epic, deeply-dug triple-disc narratives from the likes of David Rodigan, Andrew Weatherall, Gilles Peterson, Fabio & Grooverider and now, as of last week, Goldie.

“I’ve really enjoyed the fact it’s a journeyman album,” he explains. “Every single track has played a very important role in my life. Every single track has scarred my psyche.”

Taking us through every shade of his musical timeline – from shimmering soul to slamming hardcore to sinewy razor-sharp future-focussed jungle he and his Metalheadz brand have become synonymous with – Goldie’s psyche scarring narrative is a must for anyone remotely interested in the last 40 years of music and its relation to one of drum & bass’s most enduring figures. It also features brand new material, of a kind, from the big man himself. The opening My Little India is the perfect personal opener…

“My Little India was a recording I made when I was with Bjork,” he explains. “We were in what was called Bombay at the time. We sponsored a village where we contributed money towards it. I recorded this man playing these bells with all the kids running around. It always stayed with me. It humbled me. One of many many twists in life’s long journey…”

And here are five more pivotal journey twist, as picked by Goldie himself…

Being in the Bronx and becoming a member of the TATS Crew

“Being accepted by who I believe to be the very best painting crew who inspired me was a hugely pivotal moment for me. Painting with them in the 80s was a massive for me; I’d been looking up to these guys for a long time and couldn’t believe I was doing it with them. It took me about a year to integrate with them but your work speaks for itself; they knew I wasn’t faking it, they knew I loved painting and I became a member of their crew. I still am today; I’m going back out to pain in Hunts Point in the Bronx in September.”

Taking my gold disc to the Blue Note

“When Timeless reached gold disc status it was a massively pivotal moment. For me and for our music. When I was given it I went straight down to Blue Note. It was Sunday night, Grooverider was playing. I came in, turned the lights on and stopped him mid-set to say we’d made it… We’d reached gold disc. People were going to have to take our music seriously now. There was no better place to present it; in the club where it all happened with the people who understood and loved our music. It was massive for me. It was amazing, a slapping the wall moment!”

Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment

“This was a huge moment for me… Being in the privileged position to discover some really talented kids and giving them an opportunity to play in Buckingham Place was just incredible. I loved every second of working on this project along with Prince Harry, giving other people a chance, experiencing their talents and hearing their stories. Very very special.”

Receiving two honorary degrees

“I still find the fact that I’ve got two honorary degrees unbelievable. Brunel University in West London have honoured me with a doctorate of social science and Wolverhampton University honoured me with a degree of doctorate of art and design. That was very special for me as that’s my hometown! I know many people have these in the academic world. But for me, where I come from, this was unheard of.”

Performing Timeless in the Royal Festival Hall

“Such a beautiful and fulfilling way to hear Timeless executed… By the heritage orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall. I had the idea five years ago and we developed slowly from there. The final five months before the performance was where the real hard work took place. Not just by me but by a whole team of overwhelmingly talented people. We’ll be taking this show on a 12 date tour very soon.”

Photo Credit: Chelone Wolf

Masterpiece – Goldie is out now: iTunesAmazon