Free Download Friday #1

free friday

Free Download Friday: It’s in the name.

Is there any other profession where a craftsman who’s committed to years of practice and study will spend hours, if not days, on something and give it away for absolutely nothing?

A carpenter won’t make a table and give it to you for free.  A chef doesn’t cook food and feed you for free. A plumber won’t come to your house and fix your central heating for free.

No other act highlights how unique the music industry is. Especially electronic music. It’s a big risk, but when it’s done well, giving music away for free can lead to a higher profile, more performances, record deals, exposure and a whole load more. Some artists such as Ambassadeurs have developed an entire career from giving away beats for gratis.

In light of Datsik’s recent comments about free downloads we’ve explored the UKF Network vaults for 10 free downloads we’ve supported since 2009. There have been many, across each and every genre. This is the first… It definitely won’t be the last. So sit back, check them out and fill in any gaps you may have missed over the years.

Can’t wait for our next Free Download Friday? Start searching the network and explore yourselves… There’s a wealth of free music out there. This is just the beginning!

Torqux – No Way Back

The most recent free download on our network, this piano-stamping bass strutter was unleashed just three weeks ago! Download. 

JavanDee – Final Escape (Dantini remix)

The oldest UKF-supported download that’s still active, this takes us right back to 2010. A golden age for wicked wubs, the sawtooth attack still startles the speakers now. Download.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)

Who remembers this funk-fired gem from Delta Heavy? Those 80s synths they hyped on UKF last month play a lead role before the moombah bass chaos ensues! Download. 

Deap Valley – End Of The World (Kove Remix)

One of Kove’s earlier arm-raisers, here he flips the apocalyptic bomb from grungy female duo Deap Valley into an absolute slammer. Screamingly heavy. Download. 

AD-Apt – Broken Bones (Bcee & Bladerunner Remix)

Roller alert! BCee & Bladerunner twist spitfire UK MC AD-Apt’s lyrical flow into a thundering, bulbous bass workout which still slaps as hard as it did when we first heard it 18 months ago. Download.

LAXX – Step One

The trap-meets-dubstep bomb Step One ended up being so big, free downloads have sadly ended. However, the same link on LAXX’s Facebook has got two other really interesting downloads we just had to highlight… Emotion-Less and Computer Virus VIP are both naughty adventures into uncategorisable 4/4 dancefloor chaos. And well worth checking! Download. 

Datsik – Hold It Down

Not one free download here. Not two. Not even five. This is a whole album from Datsik and friends. For more details on the background and impact of this release check his recent UKF interview. For the audio, simply head here: Download. 

Dimension – Children (Rollz Remix)

As if Dimension’s original wasn’t quite anthemic enough, Rollz adds his own special twist and sonic sparkle. Beautiful. Download.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (TC Bootleg)

Daft Punk’s 2013 anthem mischievously rubbed by the unstoppable TC. We all got lucky when he gave this away for free! Download. 

Ambassadeurs – Ignite

Unique beatsmith Ambassadeurs brings this top 10 a stunning climax. Who doesn’t love a cheeky R Kelly sample? Who doesn’t love a cheeky free download? Follow the link and you’ll find a whole wealth of free creativity! Download.