#Frictionlean Gallery

friction lean maja

Friction is a G. We all know that. 

But at this summer’s GlobalGathering he took his gangsta stance to a whole new level. Not content with SMASHING the UKF arena to pieces, he also busted a brand new DJ move that has captured our appreciation and imagination on a whole new level.

Easily the best accidental viral campaign drum & bass has experienced – possibly ever – the Shogun champion’s flexible limbo-ready pose has been repurposed by fans and contemporaries alike, bringing out the very best of the internet. From fronting the Maradona’s hand of God to receiving the spark of life from God himself in Michaelangelo’s famous painting, the #Frictionlean meme has developed a brilliant life of its own.

Friction was the first to embrace the LOLs with this little round-up on his own Facebook page

friction lean

But this is just the tip of the iceberg! So far he’s ridden whales, horses and ET’s famous flying BMX. He’s attended conferences, breakdance battles, come face to face with the Marshmallow man, appeared in Street Fighter (twice), done some pole dancing and even had a shoe thrown at him. Here are as many as we can find….

Massive ups to Friction who’s embraced this meme wholeheartedly. So he should. Few men can muster such a flexible stance; he should be proud!

(Also massive ups to I See Monstas, Nu Era, Jon Wrec, DexcellNinja Ninja, Paul Morris, Maja C, Seb Skank&Bass, Saihana, Speedy Sonics, Midcode, DNBassador, Ben Heraud and Jack Springbett for creating these. Sorry if we’ve missed anyone out!)

friction lean speedy sonics

friction lean ninja 2

friction lean missile

friction fighter

friction lean buckaroo

friction pole dance

friction lean dexcell

friction lean warning

friction lean paul morris

Friction lean i see monstas

friction lean neura 2

friction lean neura 3
friction lean springbett

friction lean speedy sonics 2 friction lean skankandbass shoe

friction lean ninja 3 friction lean ninja 1 friction lean ninja 4

friction lean mallow man

friction lean nura

friction lean adrift

friction lean hana