Happy Halloween!


Comment spammers going straight to bowels of hell! Guys injecting butter! Smashed up Hungry Hippos! Strapping up girls in a lab and exploding them with frequencies! Mob attacks in the dance! Vampires in the dance! Zombies in the dance! Taking on whole armies with a ridiculous horned skull on our heads! Centipedes bloody everywhere!

A pretty standard weekend round this way, but as it’s Halloween we thought we’d highlight these activities a little more with a playlist of some of the darkest, creepiest, most straight-up demonic and weirded out videos we’ve had on our channels.

We’ve had a few and here are some of the best from the likes of Noisia, Knife Party, Zomboy, DC Breaks, Mefjus, SKisM, Savant, Son Of Kick, Benga, 12th Planet, Black Tiger Sex Machine and many more. They’re all sick. Stick them on while you’re getting ready for any seasonal-related party activity you have planned this weekend…