Who the hell are MANT?


So these guys called MANT just exploded on our radar this summer with seemingly no warning whatsoever.

They just marched right in with their own theme tune and a killer debut EP that fuses styles from all over. Then they drop a super-jacked remixed of Kove. THEN – just last Friday – they proceeded to lay down the most techno flavoured mix UKF has ever had the pleasure of homing.

Besides the fact that they’re signed to MTA and their Facebook description simply states “Man X Ant = MANT”, there’s not a lot of information around on them right now. But we reckon there’s going to be loads of attention on them in the future. And we’re starting up the spotlight right here.

Let’s ask the question again: Who the hell are MANT?

This is what we know so far…

MANT are two London-based chaps called Andy and Sam. They’re professional musicians who’ve been touring for years. By summer, they’re playing to crowds of tens of thousands four or five times a week. Winter, though, is a slightly quieter affair… So they got together and started pooling their inspirations.

The great thing about MANT is that it’s not about who can make the most weirdest, most mental bassline, it’s about making people dance.

“We draw from so many things that we’ve been in to,” says Andy. “It’s a combination of everything. We’re into Talking Heads and abstract 80s stuff. Sam’s been big into drum & bass so that’s played a role in our approach. I’ve been into hardcore and acid house so that’s played a role in our approach. It’s all about finding things that has a resonance between us and having loads of fun with it.”

“What I love about this project is that I’ve spent a long time trying to conform or fit in with certain things and sounds,” says Sam who cites the many shades of Ibiza as a major influence on MANT.

“The great thing about MANT is that it’s not about who can make the most weirdest, most mental bassline, it’s about making people dance. maria casino recension här. If there’s one thing DJing has taught me, it’s this… Knowing and understanding what really works in a dancefloor capacity gives you an edge; simple, loud and proud and never, ever, overcomplicate things.”

Mission complete: their debut self-titled EP certainly ticks all of those boxes. From the late night Berlinian clicks, whistles and wobbles of Vigo to the softer, emotive Booka Shade flavoured riffage of Orchid, via the Submotion Orchestra level lushness of Close To You, their sound is indeed loud and proud and will most certainly make you dance.

As will their slick, well-polished podcast. Which is the first time tracks released on influential techno imprints such as Cocoon, Soma and Mobilee have ever appeared on UKF.

“There’s some techno on there, there’s some deep house on there, there’s some tech house on there…” lists Sam. “This is the best thing about MANT; the more we write, the more we find out about where we’re going. We have no agenda other than to enjoy ourselves and make something that represents us and our influences and passions. For now the podcast is definitely the best way to see where we’re at.”

Now we know where they’re at and we know where they’re coming from, there’s only more thing to learn right now… Where the hell did the name come from?

“It’s from an old film called Matinee with John Goodman,” explains Sam. “Mant is a film within the film. It’s a sci-fi b-movie set around the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Both of us are into weird films from when we were younger and we thought it sounded pretty cool. I’d love to say there’s some deep metaphor to the whole man x ant thing, but there isn’t. That’s the beauty with underground music, though, right? We can call ourselves what we want… Why not do something a bit fun and leftfield?”

Fun, leftfield and certified ones to watch. This is who the hell MANT are. Remember where you heard them first!

Check the full MANT EP on their Soundcloud