In conversation with Bru-C: Future plans, freedom and getting arrested

Photography By Elliot Young www.eyphoto.co.uk

Bru-C has taken the dance world, especially bassline, by storm in recent years with his lyrical style on electronic-based hits. Known for his massive hits You And I, Streetside and Down For You the Nottingham based artist offers a whole variety of different styles of tracks across the genres of bassline and drum and bass. Along with some mighty collabs.

Since breaking into the scene the MC has always been busy making new music and playing shows. That is definitely true so far in 2021, despite lockdown. Bru-C has been touring New Zealand, producing new tracks, working on music videos and playing plenty of shows; of course. The Nottingham based artist also made headlines during the excitement of the Euros when he got arrested for playing his latest track, Freedom, alongside plenty of renditions of its coming home.

Recently the Crucast star sat down with UKF to discuss what really happened that night along with his experiences in New Zealand, what it’s like now there are events in the UK, new music, where he’s looking forward to playing this summer and his future plans.

You’ve recently got back from a tour in New Zealand, what was that like playing shows out there and escaping the UK for a bit?

I had the absolute time of my life, it was absolutely incredible. I knew I had a big fan base out there, well a relatively big fan base. But I was just blown away by the reception and the support that I had. All the shows were amazing, after not playing any shows for a while in the UK. It was just mental. It was just an amazing reception. The drum and bass scene out there is absolutely frightening as well. They’re really fucking what’s going on in the UK right now and it’s just refreshing man. It was just super, super refreshing to see dance music being reciprocated like that on the other side of the world. So yeah, that was a really good experience and I cannot wait to go back.

Since you’ve been back in the UK it’s unlocked and some freedom has been restored with events back on and clubs open, what’s your experience been of that?

You can tell that people have been raring to go here. The energy in the crowd is just absolutely insane, it’s just a big celebration of freedom, dancing and going clubbing. You can really feel it, it’s really good.

Speaking of freedom, that’s the name of your latest track, what made you want to make it?

I made the track in April 2020. With the idea in mind that we were going to be locked down for like two weeks. Then we realised it was gonna go on for a bit longer and then we were going to be out of lockdown by September to bring it out then. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Then when we went to New Zealand our thoughts were it’d be sick to shoot a music video and just embrace the freedom that I was given by going and drop it when I get back. The timing was right, and it all just fell perfectly around the release date. It’s been taken out really well by the fans as well, so it’s a good release.

The track itself is a bit of a different vibe, it is important to you to have variety across your work?

Yeah, one hundred percent. I like to just get a feel for the music and usually, someone will send me an instrumental. Recently, Shapes and I have been working a lot together. He sent me the idea for the song and I loved it. Then the idea kind of came after, that’s usually how my writing process goes. You’re definitely going to hear a lot more different styles from me going forward, not even just in dance music. I want to venture out and play with some other genres as well. I love music and I love making music, so I don’t really want to stay in any boundaries. I want to just break out and be free to be creative with it.

You mention we can expect to hear some different styles going forward, but what are your future plans?

I’ve got some pretty big collabs lined up. So watch the space in terms of those. I’ve got another single that I’m working on at the moment with Shapes that’s probably going to be dropping at some point in September. I’ve got new music with Tsuki and Bou. I’m just going to be flying out tunes and playing shows. I’ve got the UK tour that’s been rescheduled that’s completely sold out. A few festivals and a few shows in Europe as well. So it’s exciting times.

On the topic of collaborations, who would be your dream artist to work with?

Calvin Harris, that is my number one. When I’ve done that I’m hanging my hat up. Hopefully, we’ll see it happen one day.

Now festivals and events are finally back, where are you looking forward to playing this summer?

Nass festival I’m definitely looking forward to, also Boardmasters I’m looking forward to that. Usually, anything in the South West I’m down for, I love playing the South West of England. And Reading as well and Bassfest, of course, massively looking forward to that this year.

So recently you got into a bit of trouble after the England v Denmark game, talk me through what happened there?

So basically, I’d had a few ideas about how I could promote the new single and kind of blend in with current affairs. Obviously, it was coming home as we all thought at the time. I said on my Instagram if England wins I’m going to turn up at the market square, which is like the main point in Nottingham city centre where England fans were gathering after the matches in their thousands. I said I’m gonna turn up at the market square and I’m going to shut it down. It was obviously 1-1 for ages and then we scored. My friends at project doughnut, who have a little ice cream van, I’d hit them up a few days before and they were down for the idea. So England win and I go to the ice cream bar around the corner and I’m like ‘let’s do it’.

So we set the sound system up hanging out the window and we pulled up onto the market square playing ‘it’s coming home’. And I thought that’d be like a few hundred people by this point and we pull around the corner and there are easily about four thousand. So we pull the van up and start performing the new single Freedom. Police obviously came over and shut the music off. Put me in the back of the van and after a conversation with the police, I found myself in handcuffs and being arrested. I won’t say too much more about what happened after. But, I respect them for their decisions and they were respectful of me as well. They looked after me, so big up Nottinghamshire police.

Big up Bru-C. Freedom is out now

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