Inside Fei-Fei’s Dreams

Fei-Fei 2

They say you should never discuss your dreams as they’ll only bore people to tears…

While this is true for 99.999 per cent of us, there are exceptions. Exceptions like LA-based genre-smasher Fei-Fei.

“I have so many weird dreams!” she laughs. “I’m pretty sure the world already thinks I’m crazy but when I tell you my dreams you’ll know I’m crazy! I have some really intense scary dreams. They’d make for great movies. When I have a really vivid one I try and write it down on my phone because it’s just too wild.”

You might ask why we’re asking Fei-Fei about her dreams. THIS is why…

“Getter totally nailed it!” Fei-Fei exclaims. “He’s a super good friend of mine too so it’s a super fun experience.”

While it’s clear Fei-Fei doesn’t dream all day (she’s too busy cooking up bangers, DJing and running a label) but when she does find time to sleep she dreams on a major league level. And these are just a handful of them…

Most Recent Dream

It was half boar, half zebra but with a massive snout and possibly hooves.

“This one is really vivid. I was in a massive Whole Foods market and I was telling people about my mastering chain or something random like that. Then, suddenly, I’m in this middle earth paradise in a lush meadow. And this crazy thing comes rushing up to me. It was half boar, half zebra but with a massive snout and possibly hooves. He was jumping up and down right in my face and I’m worried he’s going to bite me when this old lady runs across the meadow and laughs saying ‘he’s just happy to see you, don’t worry, he’s just the hulumpus!’ I’m like ‘okay sure, yeah I know hulumpuses’. It was so clear and fresh in my head when I woke up, I Googled hulumpus just to see if it really existed!”

Happiest Dream

“I have many more scary dreams than I do happy dreams. I think the very best dreams I have when I know I’m happy are ones when I’m eating some amazing food. Like a massive bowl of ice cream or gelato or the best pizza you can imagine. I eat pretty healthy when I’m awake, unless I’m on tour, so I guess that’s the indulgent food lover in me trying to come out! I always wake up really happy when I have these dreams… But they don’t happen too often!”

Scariest Dream

Another type of dream I have is that I have to kill people.

“I have a lot of these. Apocalyptic, scary stuff. I don’t know why, I think I just have a vivid imagination! One really clear one was that the world is on fire and people are dying everywhere and I’m riding along the street on this giant bull-type horse thing. It’s blue. But a really weird blue. Then all of sudden it transpires I’m trapped on a crazy freight ship made out of wooden things and I learn the evil forces keep all the dying people on it. Everyone’s got missing limbs and crazy horrible stuff. Then these dark spirits come and pick me up and tell me I’ve been picked to sacrifice myself to Satan! It’s really disturbing!

Another type of dream I have is that I have to kill people. I wake up feeling pretty drained and disturbed! Sometimes it’s in self defence. Other times it’s because I’m the evil person and I have to kill someone for whatever reason. It’s freaky… I promise I don’t want to kill people in real life!”

fei fei

They also say you dream in opposites… Rest assured the world isn’t going to end (we hope!) and Fei-Fei isn’t about to commit to any murderous sprees!

Watch out for more Fei-Fei flavours in the very near future. Her remix of Banks’ Brain is out this week, a release on Kastle’s Symbols imprint is due next month, and there are strong rumours of a debut artist album in the near future!