Just some wholesome pictures of DJs and their pets

(Picture: Gareth McGrillen & Nobu)


April 1: Usually the perfect day for little harmless trolling and light misinformation horseplay. But not this year.

While the internet continues to load up on alarming pandemic stats, conspiracy theorists and more fake news than a day trip to the Daily Mail HQ we thought we’d do something different this year. To celebrate the fact, we’re one day closer to not being on lockdown, here’s a gallery of DJs (and one MC – big up GQ!) with their pets.

No bait, just high grade wholesome furry goodness. Please meet some of the finest dogs, cats and spiders of the bass world. Shouts to all the artists who’ve contributed to this!



“Both purchased from an Iranian gypsy witch with no arms, Merlin (right) and Leo (left) are both part British short hair, part owl and part music industry extraordinaires. Responsible for all my most successful compositions, Merlin is my ghost producer who works under the moniker Dr M Von Chonk. Leo, the cheekier and younger of the two is my PR and social media manager. Whenever running low on how to whore myself to the masses he will step in and save the day with a cheeky candid photoshoot.”


Benni Dossa

“This is Buzz. He is buzzing already to go out for long walks again!”


Black Barrel

“This is our cat, her name is Kira. She is the boss. She knows how to especially do dirty tricks when she wants to eat, she knows how to dump things, jump and open doors, this is annoying, but we still love her.”



“This is Winston and he runs tingz…..”


Dom & Roland

“This is the Earl of Leon, known to us as Charlie, he is 5 years old. A full sable cocker spaniel. He considers himself dog boss of the local streets…. He isn’t. Likes cuddling, sniffing, cheese and apples. Doesn’t like foghorns or people that woof at him.” (Image: Chelone Wolf)




“This is Leo! He’s a four-year-old Irish blue Staffordshire bull terrier who we rescued from Battersea Dogs Home. Having grown up being chased around Brixton by a tiny dog called Flash in my youth I grew up being terrified of dogs, especially big ones! When my partner said we were to rescue a Staffie I was reluctant to say the least, well what a turn-around! Leo is the most kind, warm and affectionate dog you could ever wish to meet. He has changed my perception about Staffies and bigger dogs in general. He is so loyal and obedient I really couldn’t imagine my life without this cuddly soft big bear!”




“This is Santi! Named after one of my favourite Arsenal players and one of my favourite people in the world. I was never a massive dog person before but he’s an absolute legend and I can’t imagine life without him!”


Garo Flowidus

“This is Boss (Dog) and Luna (Cat) They are my studio buddies with Luna normally finding herself between the keyboards and boss behind my chair. I had to screenshot the video, hence shit quality, cause it was quite a moment hahah.”



“Bryn & I living our best gangster lives…”



Meet GQ’s Frenchie Milly. Absolutely T for tremendous, she’s so cute she’s got her own Instragram. Follow her.


Hugh Hardie

“Here’s little Gretchen. She’s a half Ragdoll breed so extremely friendly by nature, she enjoys spending her days with me in my home studio and bringing me sponges from the kitchen sink on a daily basis.”



“My dog is called Haku, a reference to one of my favourite anime characters. He likes photography and joining me on tour always very upbeat and never says no to a good cuddle.”


James Magnetude

“This is Petal (don’t ask, my girlfriend named her) She is a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula. The main things I like about her is that she is totally chilled, isn’t aggressive at all and is a no-fuss pet who I can leave and go away to gig over a weekend without the need to find someone to look after her. I have another which is an African Bird Eater (vicious as hell, so she doesn’t deserve any props).”



“Meet Lulu, the OG K9. 50% Scottie and 50% Westie. If you cross her in the streets of London she’ll demand tickles and treats or you’ll get mash up. Lover of bass music and nature documentaries.”



“Meet Peanut, our 6 month old Cockapoo. During these turbulent times he’s a total vibe enhancer. Peanut enjoys running around like a lunatic, eating till he can’t eat anymore and destroying trainers. A welcome distraction. He also enjoys Aphex Twin, a boy with good taste.”



“Meet Pancake – a former stray who adopted us. She likes to sleep under my studio desk, feel the bass and to steal food from our bread bin. She’s two years old and doesn’t mind the lockdown so much – she’s the world expert in napping.”



“Meet Maya the labradoodle. As you can probably tell, we’re both ecstatic at having a photo together. Not really, she hates me. To be honest, she’s a bit of a dick herself. But we tolerate each other for our mum’s sake. She’s always sound with me when I’m eating though. Weird.”


Killer Hertz

Daisy is a member of Killer Hertz member Pete Erb N Dub’s family. Only Pete’s elbow is in shot but it’s Daisy, a Portuguese water dog, who’s the star of the show. She’s a grime and trap enthusiast, loves to chat on mic and generally lives the high life. Follow her.



“Meet Nugget the Cockapoo. She is one year old and was born on Valentine’s Day. She enjoys waking me up, lots of walks, looking out the window, chasing next doors cat and flirting with the postman. Loves a belly rub, being the centre of attention, hanging out the car window whenever possible and is a big lover of cheese and biscuits.”


London Elektricity

“This is Pippin. He only listens to Rag n Bone Man, T-bone Walker and obviously Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. His favourite colour is red, and he wants world peace. He’s enjoying the lockdown because he gets more tummy rubs than normal.”


Matt Document One

”Loki (AKA Double Gruff, Roggy Doggy, Mr Peanut Butter, Killer) is one years old and is the boss of not only of my house but the entire neighbourhood. He is a small dog with a massive attitude and not afraid to take on anyone. He hates the cold and long walks but is perfect company when making tunes in the studio.”



Mollie Collins

“This is my son Albert Collins. He has just turned thee years old and I got him when he was three months old. He is a GOOD BOI. He loves his ball, big nylon bones and coming out in the car.”


Mrs Magoo

“When we picked up this adorable floof nine months ago as a wee pal for our boy Astro, we had no idea of the laughs she would bring. Melody is the craziest cat I’ve ever owned, she drives poor Astro and me nuts, but I bloody love her for it! Our home wouldn’t be complete without this wee radge.”



Okay we pinched this one from Gareth McGrillen’s dog Nobu’s Instagram but the day a headless picture of a member of Pendulum sporting a beautiful dignified looking bulldog in a carrier doesn’t make us smile is the day we really are all doomed. Judging by Rob Swire’s cat Judas, doom is just a matter of time…


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“This is Poes, which translates from Dutch to ‘cat’. She’s 15 years old and I got her from an animal shelter. She’s quite shy if she doesn’t know you but once she does she will literally try anything in her power to get on your lap (like at the most inconvenient times and places, my god will this cat ever give up?)”



“That’s Dexter (AKA Wolfnpooch) and Chico (AKA Fox Weasel) We also have two Cats Silver and Uma. they are actually the bosses around the house. Unfortunately it’s too hard to get all of them and me in the same shot, maybe one day…”



“This is me and my boy Otto. One year old and the friendliest dog you will ever meet. Nothing beats coming home from touring and seeing him. He also gets to preview my track before anyone else and even helps me produce them sometimes!”


Thijs Noisia

“This is Beast, she’s a toy poodle. She’s almost five years old, and people still ask if she’s a puppy when I take her out. All I can tell them is ‘no this is it, this is all!’”



“This is Baxter, named after the dog in Anchorman. Half lab, quarter husky, quarter rotty, 100 percent lunatic. Much loved, we’ve had him since he was six weeks old, now he is 11.”



“Here’s Benson. Full-time snoozeaholic and part-time studio guardian. Likes to make you feel better during pandemics via offering unwavering companionship, pig noises and marriage proposals. Always has time for belly rubs, dislikes cats.”