Kill The Noise: Welcome to the future

Kill The Noise

Kill The Noise shared so many interesting insights and thoughts in our latest UKF Meets video. But the one that really resonates, the one that should really strike a chord with every single one of us, is his opening line on being at the forefront of technology. Elevating way above just music; the rapid development of technology, and our own relationship with computers, represents every aspect of our life. We called up the New Yorker-now-in-LA for an extra slice of elaboration…

“I almost feel like now if there’s anything you can imagine in the future, it will eventually become a reality”, he grins excitedly.

Okay, so hoverboards won’t arrive next year like Back To The Future foretold. But if you showed Marty and the Doc an iPhone they’d blatantly need new pants. Great Scot! Speaking of films…

“You seen that movie Her yet?” asks the Slow Roast co-boss known more formerly as Jake. “The idea that computer operating systems will be like a person, learning about your tastes and your logic and understanding you? We’re already approaching that with Siri. It’s at a very rudimental level, but that concept is fascinating. Our relationship with computers is changing and developing so rapidly.”

The evolution started happening already

And here’s just one way Kill The Noise suggests it might go: sequencer interface technology develops to such a degree, we’ll instantly be able to realise a musical idea in our mind. Just think: you have a tune in your head… The next minute, you’re replaying it to everyone. *head explodes*

“The evolution started happening already,” says Jake. “When I first started making music I looked at the drum & bass guys I was inspired by and thought ‘okay, what do I need to make the type of music I like DJing’. I needed a mixing desk, I needed a hardware sampler and a couple of synths. I also needed a way of recording it, which was often hardware, too.”

“Suddenly it switched and anyone could get a copy of Reason or Cubase or whatever and put their shit up online. They didn’t need a record label or vinyl. There wasn’t the need to study how to use a mixing desk or any of the hardware or save up to get that equipment. That changed music forever. It’s an early indication that if you have an idea you can sit there, with very little equipment, and realise it.”

“This will only become even more apparent as things develop even more. The ideas and opportunities are truly endless. You might get some of the craziest stuff ever or you end up with a sea of shit. Maybe people will make music for themselves and artists will no longer be deified because they can make music? Is this the point when the human race realises that everyone can be creative, everyone can express themselves musically?”

Wow. Fittingly, for an artist who philosophises with refreshing clarity, Jake is not at all worried that this paradigm shift would put him out of a job… The benefits of cultural and humanitarian progression are much more important than one man making sick beats. But, as he suggested himself, we could just end up with a sea of shit. Either way, we’re excited.

… putting things out there too early can ruin creativity

Back to a more immediate future, and we’re just as hyped for the forthcoming Kill The Noise material. Remaining as elusive and mysterious as he is in the video, he explained why he’s not comfortable explaining too many details of his future productions…

“I’ve realised over the years that putting things out there too early can ruin creativity,” he admits. “You make that announcement and your peers and fans start speculating straight away without hearing anything. It’s hard, if not impossible, to fulfil those expectations! I’ve always experimented with different genres but one of the things I haven’t spent so much time on is working with vocalists. It’s a different kind of energy.”

We can expect to hear this new material via OWSLA in the coming months. In the meantime, let’s go back in time and enjoy some of Kill The Noise’s past work on UKF…

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