In The Kitchen #002: Mak & Pasteman’s Red Hot Beef Ramen

mak & pasteman

Feel the flavour: UKF’s In The Kitchen series returns with a spice-flexed concoction from tasty UK duo Mak & Pasteman!

Signed to Lobster Boy, about to launch their own label Materials and set to appear at the forthcoming M*A*D*E festival in Birmingham on May 3 (where we’ll be hosting our own stage!) it seems the pair are just as dedicated to kitchen creativity as they are studio skills.

“This is a recipe we’ve argued out and chiselled to perfection. Just like a good track,” grins Mak.

“My original recipe was quite rich while his was a lot cleaner and leaner,” continues Pasteman. “They’ve melded together to create something that ticks every box.”

“We both love the south east Asian flavours,” emphasises Mak. “Plus my granddad married a Thai bride and lives out in Thailand now. We both love clean, healthy food. Nice and spicy. It’s the only way.”

Catch the chaps on their own stomping ground and this ramen comes part of an entire banquet where they make their own sushi, dumplings and dipping sauce. If we’re lucky we might sample those recipes at a later date. In the meantime, here’s their forthcoming Lobster Boy release, have a listen while you check their ramen recipe… Then read on for a whole host of Mak & Pasteman news.

Mak & Pasteman’s Red Hot Beef Ramen


Beansprouts 250g

1 Green Pepper

Shitake Mushrooms 250g

Sugar Snap Peas 200g

1 Pak Choi

1 Clove Garlic

Sesame seed oil

Ginger – Thumb size piece

Small Pack Rice Noodles

500g Sirloin Steak

1L Beef Stock

For the marinade

Soy – 3tbsp

Ginger – Thumb size piece

Garlic – 1 cloves

Chilli – 1 medium red chilli

Lime – Juice of half a lime

Honey – 1tsp

Rice wine vinegar

To Serve

Coriander (Handful)

Finely Sliced Red Chilli



Toasted Sesame Seeds



For the marinade finely slice garlic, ginger, chilli and add lime juice, soy sauce, rice wine & honey.

Coat the meat and marinade at room temperature for 2 hours.

In heavy duty griddle pan sear the beef at a very high on both sides until caramelised but not cooked through, remove from the heat and set aside to rest. Add any remaining juices and marinade to the stock.

Bring stock to the boil and leave to simmer on a low heat.

Cook rice noodles as instructed, drain and set aside.

Finely slice the rest of the vegetables along with the chilli, garlic and ginger and stir fry in sesame oil for 2-3 minutes.

To assemble the dish take a large deep bowl (preferably a ramen bowl) and place a serving of noodles as the base layer, top with the stir fried vegetables. Thinly slice the rested beef and lay on top of the other ingredients then ladle over the hot beef stock until just covering the ingredients (but don’t drown them)

Garnish to taste with Coriander, Chilli and Sesame Seeds and drizzle with Soy, Lime & Sriracha for extra heat. Boom Tings.

More Mak & Pasteman news!

As well as their imminent Lobster Boy release – Bodywork / Electro Funk Massacre – the boys will be launching their very own label Materials.

“We love atmosphere in our tracks and you can really feel the textures and material sounds in a lot of the really exciting new music coming out right now,” says Pasteman. “We want the label to have a theme throughout… The look, the feel and the sounds. Synchronicity. The plan is to build up our own crew and our own brand and develop on what we’ve achieved so far.”

The label will be officially launched at The Nest, London, on May 16 with guests Mickey Pearce and Maison Sky performing alongside the duo themselves. Inspired by Redlight’s attention to detail on Lobster Boy it will come our way on both digital and vinyl formats.

“We’re both vinyl lovers,” says Mak. “We want to bring back a value that we feel has been lost. If you have to buy a record then you really value it.”

“We’ve had an amazing tweet from someone saying they had to buy a vinyl player to hear and enjoy our release,” continues Pasteman. “That’s such a compliment!”

Founded and driven by the same amount of attention to detail they invest in their productions and cooking, we’re expecting some very exciting results.

Catch Mak & Pasteman at M*A*D*E on May 3.

Check for more information on Materials: Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter