Kove: Back in the driving seat


Kove returned to UKF last month with a blistering new thumper El Camino…

The lead track from his new EP Nightfires – due for release April 15 – is loaded with Kove’s signature devil-may-care attitude to genres as El Camino is joined by two fired up house cuts (Comin’ On Strong and Altus) and The Silence which, we learn below, was created through brass samples.

Each cut tailored for the dance, the EP marks the start of a slew of releases from Kove with future Nightfires volumes already locked and loaded for release in weeks to come.

After six months of release silence and 18 months since his last full EP, Kove is back with a bang and he’s firing serious shots. We caught up with him to find out more…

You’ve been a bit quiet lately…

I have! I took a bit of time out to recoup and rethink where I’m going and just getting back into a creative place where I’m happy. I’ve been thinking about what I want to be doing and I wanted to get away from expectations of radio play – a time for reflection I suppose….

A time to write your most substantial body of work since Murmurations…

Yes. And it’s only part one. Nightfires volumes two and three will follow within six weeks after each other. There’s a whole body of work ready to drop this way.

Four tracks on each EP?

Essentially yeah. I’ve got even more tracks cooking with certain tracks being earmarked for a potential album which will follow the EPs towards the end of the year. That said, we may continue to release EPs in this way. It’s fun way to do things. It’s a lot less pressure and it means I’m regularly getting music out there. I can put anything I like on these EPs. If I like it, hopefully other people will so I’ll put it on my EPs. I feel free and excited by it all.

My favourite track is The Silence…What’s yours?

The Silence actually – it started as an experiment. None of it is synthesised in a conventional sense. I wanted proper instruments to create the basslines; taking tuba’s and different types of brass sounds to create the sounds rather than conventional dirty bass sounds. It took a long time but I think it works well as both a listening piece and a dancefloor piece of music.

El Camino is definitely a dancefloor track. Seen the comments on this? A LOT of people crying and saying an El Camino is a dubstep car, not a D&B car. Thoughts?

Is it a dubstep car? I don’t think so personally but each to their own.

Up for a car/genre game?

Erm… Maybe

I say a car, you say a genre, let’s go…

Nissan Micra

UK Funky. Fuck knows why it springs to mind but it did, so there you go.

aston martin

Aston Martin DB 11

Oooh… Trance. Very very well polished and precise and well engineered but a little bit boring.


Toyota Avensis

Tropical house, nothing exciting going on there.

Ford Escort Xr3i

My dad owned one of these! Drum & bass. Proper heavy classic jump up. Maybe a Twisted Individual tune.


Peugeot 306

Big room house. You know what you’re getting. Functional.


Porsche 911

Deep house. Good but not a lot of invention.

Finally… If your music was a car what would it be?

An El Camino! Obviously!

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