Make Way For: Dabin


Did you know Dabin actually planned on being a lawyer?

Or that he’s only been cooking beats for just over three years?

That he writes a lot of his hooks on a guitar before opening up his music software?

And that he loves making his own juice and his signature blend is made using berries, spinach, hemp seeds and water?

Neither did UKF until we called him up to find out more about killer tracks like this…

It turns out there’s loads to learn about the 21 year old Canadian Korean who, believe it or not, is still in thick of his studies.

“Yeah I’m still enrolled in university,” he chuckles. “I didn’t start producing until I started here. It was hard to focus on my studies when I really got into production. I think I’ve got a good balance now. My love for producing is massively outshining my dreams of becoming a lawyer. What type of lawyer would I be? I have no idea! I’ve found out more about music than I have law while in university.”

I actually write most of my songs on the guitar before I produce it.

Something tells us he’ll never be a lawyer. What you might call an early adopter, Dabin grew up in a creative environment and, over the years, has learnt to play the guitar, bass, piano, violin, cello, trombone, drums and more. A gifted musician with an ear for strong melodies the necessary-yet- murky perils of law don’t stand a chance against Dabin’s big ideas.

“I’ve kept piano and guitar going as they’re the most helpful for writing music,” says Dabin who’s dream remix wishlist includes Nero and Zed’s Dead. “I actually write most of my songs on the guitar before I produce it. I’d love to start incorporating guitar into my tracks and eventually into my live performances.”

Now, with the release of his anime-inspired Ghost Hack release out there, Dabin’s already started working on more new material… Including an interesting side project with Koda.

“It’s more chillout than the music I make,” Dabin explains. “I felt I needed a new alias to make the chiller music in. It’s work in progress but hopefully in the next few months we’ll have something to give people.”

We’re sure it will be sweet. In the meantime, here’s Dabin and Koda at play on Mirrormask…

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