Martin Garrix: ADE Survival Guide

MartinGarrix_E6A6610 copy

As we mentioned yesterday, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is upon us! One of electronic music’s biggest events has finally arrived, and with it, jam-packed schedules of meetings, press events and of course, parties.

Who better to give us a quick ADE survival guide than local lad – and veritable prince of EDM – Martin Garrix.

Last year he smashed ADE so hard he almost collapsed from exhaustion. We got the opportunity to interview him yesterday during his press day, so we asked him about his lessons learned from last year… And how we can best survive one of the industry’s busiest weeks in his hometown.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

“What I did wrong last year is that I went into ADE super tired. I started in the studio Monday night before ADE and worked full nights, going to bed at like 5:00 and wake up at 11:00 to do it all over again. From Tuesday-Wednesday I spent the entire night with Afrojack, and then Wednesday I had a full press day. That night there were three shows. My rhythm was already messed up, I didn’t sleep that much. This year I made sure to start my studio time last week so I’m fully rested.”

ADE isn’t all about the partying…

“It’s also about making sure you’re healthy and making wise decisions. Last year it was too much, I got sick. But I’m glad I did, because I learned from it and that’s why we put it in the Martin Garrix Show.”

Save your energy!

“If you’re DJing out here then I think you should make the first big party the night of your own so that you can bring the best energy to the set. My first party will be tonight and I’m super pumped. The last time I went out was more than a week ago, so I’m totally rested now.”

DJs: It’s not a popularity contest!

“I hope to be around the same position in the DJMag Top 100 as I was last year, but I didn’t do any campaigning this year. It’s cool to see that people vote for me, but at the end of the day it’s just a list. There is so much more behind the “best DJs in the world” than a popularity contest.”