Meet Diamond Eyes: He knocked Skrillex off number one!

Diamond Eyes presspic

A few things you should know about Diamond Eyes…

  • He’s so deep into green tea science he owns a collection of blends and has his very own strainer.
  • He’s a multi-instrumentalist and can play the guitar, piano and ukulele.
  • His dad came up with his distinctive artist name.

MUCH more crucially, though:

His massive Night Life EP on Disciple Recordings recently knocked Skrillex off the top spot on the Beatport Dubstep charts!

“It’s crazy!” he says. “I wasn’t expecting it to chart that high at all. Who wouldn’t want to be at number one? I’m genuinely stoked.”

He’s not just stoked at last week’s commendable conquest, but the entire year so far has been a whirlwind of achievements for the Norwich-based headliner-in-waiting. It has been since he was snapped up by Disciple Recordings.

“Becoming a part of the Disciple family is really nerve-racking!” he admits. “Being among acts like Dodge & Fuski and Astronaut and Barely Alive… The level and standard are so high! But I wrote what I felt and let it come out naturally.”

Case in point, the organic development of Rivers, one of four distinctive cuts on his current EP…

“Rivers was started on my guitar,” he explains. “I’d open tuned it and was messing around with some elaborate chords and the structure for Rivers came about by total accident. I instantly ran downstairs, mic’d up the guitar and recorded it straight away.”

These original guitar parts never made the final cut. Eschewed by shivering synths and sizzling bass textures, the final beat construction complements his impassioned vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics. Based on a personal breakup last summer, they came to him quickly and emotionally.

“My lyrics come about more proficiently than my sound design!” he laughs. “Rivers took me half an hour to get to a place where I was happy.”

These stark and sonorous vocals are quickly becoming a motif, giving Diamond Eyes a clear and distinctive edge. Having performed in various emo and alt rock bands prior to his electronic adventures – doing the classic touring the country in a battered old van mission that many budding rock stars dream of – Diamond Eyes is the sum of his various talents and experiences, plus a whole load more.

“The whole singing thing wasn’t forced or contrived,” he explains. “It just happened by accident and I’ve been really enjoying developing it. What’s important is that I’m lucky to enjoy a fanbase who appreciates everything I do. Regardless of the genre. It’s such a nice thing to have.”

And you can expect many more ‘nice things’ from Diamond Eyes himself… Near-future treats include an appearance on the forthcoming Disciple 01: Purgatory compilation, a ‘love trap’ vibe with OWSLA-affiliate Sté Louse and LOADS more.

In the meantime, let’s keep Diamond Eyes’ Night Life EP at the top spot.  Buy Now.