Meet Indiana: She’s had a pizza named after her!


After several months of heavy UK broadcasting airplay – including soundtracking the BBC coverage of the Winter Olympics, and appearances on cult semi-reality idiot-fest The Only Way Is Essex and, bizarrely, a TV crime program – Indiana’s Solo Dancing is released this week… And it has potential for big things. We’ve been rocking the Chris Lake remix for a month now:

“I love the big heavy drop and it’s really good on a night out,” says Indiana of Lake’s reversion. “I love hearing any remixes of my stuff. It’s great to listen to other people’s take on what I’ve done. It’s even more interesting if they don’t know the original and do something really removed from what I’ve done. It adds a whole new meaning to it.”

In fact remixes and cover versions play a critical role in Indiana’s current rise to fame. She was discovered when she uploaded a YouTube video of herself covering Gabrielle by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. A man who’s consequently completed the circle and gone onto remix Solo Dancing.

“Crazy, right? It was just me playing my piano and singing and the guy who originally wrote it sent me a message.  I never thought any of this would happen!” exclaims the singer who runs a clothing line with her boyfriend called Some Kind Of Nature. She also has some advice for anyone else who enjoys the dark art of cover versions…

“It’s all about making it your own. Take it as far away from the original but make sure people still recognise it. When it’s done right it can overtake the original… Who remembers The Zutons doing Valerie? It’s all about Amy Winehouse!”

In other Indiana news, she’s also had an official pizza named after her. Not only does her fella run a clothing line with her but he’s also set up a pizza kitchen in their UK hometown Nottingham.

“It’s goats cheese, honey and walnuts,” she boasts. “I tried it on holiday and I wouldn’t shut up about it. So he made one and named it after me Indiana.”


Solo Dancing is out now. Support is highly encouraged.