Memtrix – Voodoo is a very important release this week. This is why…


Voodoo is a track I’ve wanted to write for a long time; it’s me playing the guitar. It’s going back to my roots…

Some of the best things happen by happy accident…

Four years ago a 14-year-old Memtrix accidentally got into producing electronic music because he was interested in creating backing tracks for his guitar compositions. Today, he is signed to upfront, forward thinking label Lifted Music.

A year ago a 17-year-old Memtrix started working on a debut EP for a release on Lifted Music. Four tracks heavy and out today, it’s his clearest – and broadest – statement of intent to date. Madly, he didn’t think he was ready to release an EP!

“I wasn’t sure I was ready to make a whole package of tracks,” he admits. “This is the first collection of tracks where I’ve connected my influences with the strong, energetic drum & bass that I love making. It took a long, long time to create as I found myself learning a lot during the process.”

The clearest link to his influences connection can be found in the title track Voodoo. Those firing folky guitar strums and that soaring vocal? That’s Memtrix showing us exactly what he’s capable of… And where he came from.

“Voodoo is a track I’ve wanted to write for a long time; it’s me playing the guitar. It’s going back to my roots I guess,” reflects the young producer who quit his media course in college a year ago to go full time as an artist.

“I wasn’t interested heavily into the producing side of things at all, I just wanted to make backing tracks to play the guitar to. A year after that I started experimenting with the software. One day I put my guitar down and started making music with the software; making obscure sounds and experimenting. There was no way back from that. I start exploring different electronic music… It wasn’t long before I struck drum & bass. I didn’t really know much about it and didn’t know about many producers, I just knew it was a type of music I’d have fun trying to make! And thought it sounded pretty cool!”

And so did his breakthrough single two years ago…

Back to the future, and the gritty neuro sounds he cut his teeth on have been developed with the much wider palette he’s painted from on his debut EP.

“I loved making the harder stuff,” he admits. “But I knew I had to have a natural progression from the club-focused side to the meaningful side. It took me a while to get into how I do that and to build it up. To be honest it’s happened quicker than I thought… Singing on a track was something I never really expected to do! I never saw myself fronting music in that way; I think I’d be more comfortable behind the scenes and less in the spotlight.”

Now as his release spreads further and further into the D&B psyche there’s little chance of the spotlight fading. That’s no accident.

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