Miami Diary: Friday (Day Two)


Brunch, beats and Nikki Beach: After a hectic first day, we settle into the Miami groove and start pacing ourselves a little….

11:30am: Brunch With TBMA

A bright and early start (by Miami’s standards)… Brunch with TBMA. They are launching a brand new project called Cloaks. We can’t tell you much (yet) but we learned loads over poached eggs and bottomless brunch beverages…

FullSizeRender (1)

… It’s all about staying true to yourself and your own passions. This seems to be a theme among artists this week – as the dance music market becomes more and more saturated; this is pushing artists to find creative, authentic ways to stand out. Ironically, the best way to do so is to be yourself; when you’re really doing what makes you happy, your fans will respond to that.


1:30pm: Arty

Next we met Arty at the National for a quick chat about his favourite part of Miami, which is his upcoming set at Nikki Beach later: No Added Sugar.

“I’ve been to two Miami music weeks,” he tells us. “This is my third. The first one was the best. It was a new experience and my first time really seeing all the things that happen here. There’s nothing like this place; when all the people in the industry come together in one place. It’s a pretty good vibe and it was something unusual for me that I’ve never seen before or been a part of. It’s so great to see everyone here and so many talented people in one place with all the fans. The weather is so weird here. It was raining then it’s hot, then I can’t breathe outside. I would say the vibe is what makes Miami the best place for us all to come together for WMC. If the vibe is right, that’s what makes the whole thing.”

3:00pm: Axtone Records @ The Surfcomber Hotel

We arrive at Axtone Record’s party at the Surfcomber, hosted by none other than Axwell himself. Kryder is playing a true house set and it’s the perfect music to groove to in the late afternoon. He’s followed by Russian-producer Alex Shapov, one half of Axtone’s signed artists, Hard Rock Sofa. The afternoon is full of good vibes and old friends, it’s a comfortable place to enjoy the day and knowing we’re at a coveted party. We even help the Axtone merchandise stand for that extra all-in-it-together experience.


6:00pm: No Added Sugar @ Nikki Beach

Back to Nikki Beach. It’s started to rain. Taxis are hard to come by, so we have to pay an overcharged fare to get to the event, but at least we arrive to the venue dry and an almighty line-up including Arty, Audien, Matisse & Sadko, Dannic and some very special guests. We run into some old friends, and make way backstage. Despite the weather, the venue is absolutely packed with fans are eager to see a three-hour back-to-back set with Chainsmokers and Adventure Club.


2am: Home

It’s still raining… But no one knows if they’re wet from the rain or one of the hottest parties Nikki Beach has hosted so far this week. We knew we weren’t going to catch vibes finer than that tonight so it was time to wave the white flag. Miami’s been good to us today and we still have two more days left…. Stay tuned.