Miami Diary: Saturday (Day Three)



I learned the hard way that skipping a night of sleep is not appropriate unless you want to feel the serious repercussions 24 hours later. My body had suddenly gone into a downward spiral of not knowing if it wanted some pizza, to pass out or to party. This week is a marathon for everyone in the industry and I applaud the ones who are able to keep it together the entire time.

4:15: MY HOUSE @ The Raleigh

It’s not even evening and already the hottest parties are filling up. The penultimate day of the event, everyone is squeezing the final shades of the week, knowing they’re not going to experience this anywhere else for another year.

After a few hours of actual work, we arrive early at the Raleigh… Clearly not early enough. The Fire Marshall is already holding the door and they’ve sold out.  Initially we were had an interview set up, but after a bit of miscommunication we decide to not argue and grab some drinks at a nearby restaurant instead. Even the line of ticket holders were being told it would be hours before they were getting in. This was definitely one of the busiest parties this week we’ve seen..


FullSizeRender (4)

8:00: UKF Team Dinner

After a quick recharge, we meet the crew for a UKF family dinner. The food is like a godsend considering we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Somehow dinner ends up lasting four hours and we decide its time to go out. Realistically we could have all stayed at that table the entire night and continued our conversations. It’s times like those that remind me how special this industry is. There we were sitting with people who until that morning were just internet friends, and even though we all work together we had never met. Now here at dinner we’re acting like old friends we’ve known forever. We hear some girls squealing and look over to see these two blonde doll-like girls in platform shoes and outfits that could only be pulled off by the girls better known as Rebecca and Fiona. Only in Miami…



Midnight: BeatGasm @ The Clevelander

Another one of the hottest parties in Miami Music Week… But this time we’re not too late. Porter Robinson, Duke Dumont, Audien and Prince Fox are all playing at the Astralwerks showcase and the venue is absolutely packed.

BeatGasm had offered the show free to fans who downloaded their app and the venue was crammed with tons of people grooving to the beats from Duke Dumont as we were arriving. Upstairs was sectioned off for VIP where tons of industry people were mingling and over looking the crowd below. The night was a bit chilly but it was a sigh of relief from the intense heat of the day. We catch up with Prince Fox and his manager, Jared Blashinsky, who tells us his favourite MMW memory of his 21st birthday at Liv and almost getting kicked out after doing a headstand at the table. We’ve all had those nights…

3:30 … And apparently this was ours. The night was cut a bit short after I decided to start a pop up bar for the UKF family. I guess the bartenders/security didn’t think this was quite as generous as I did.

4:00 I think we arrived home somewhere around this time. The after party continued a bit longer in the hotel with a bottle of Bombay, proving that the best times require only good music and even better company.

To be concluded…

(Photo Source: EDM Vine)