Montenegro Missions: Things To Do During Sea Dance Festival


As you probably know by now, we’re heading to Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro to throw an immense party with some killer acts… But there’s plenty of time to indulge in other pursuits beyond the beats and beers.

Whether you’re a history head, an adrenaline junky or just someone who loves great scenery and views, Montenegro has everything you could possibly ask for. And more. If you haven’t already booked your flights, you really want to consider extending your stay and checking out everything Montenegro and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Game of Thrones fan? You can book a low-cost ticket to Dubrovnik, where the show is filmed before you embark on the Sea Dance adventure, or use it as the perfect post-festival hangover cure. Stroll through the narrow streets of the now famous King’s Landing, and enjoy the beauty of Adriatic coast. Just one of the many wicked options to consider when planning your trip to Sea Dance.

The festival takes place between July 15-18. So far The Prodigy, Sigma, Wilkinson and Rudimental have been confirmed to play with us and many more will be announced soon.

As well as organising all transfers from the airports, the Sea Dance crew are also on hand to help out with any activities you want to do during your stay. With the music not kicking off until late afternoon every night, you can fill your days with excursions, trips, missions and serious white knuckle sports. Just ask any of the staff and they’ll gladly help you.

Supersize your festival into an all-out proper holiday. These are just 12 awesome ways to do that:

Lovcen Adventure Park

Adventure Park 1

Unleash your inner monkey! Lovćen’s adventure park is a tree top climbing, zip and rope haven for anyone with a head for heights. Across the trees you’ll find 15 different challenges, all designed to satisfy every level of age and ability. Belts, helmets and gloves are all provided on site by qualified Tarzans. Sorry, instructors.


Cruising at an altitude of 760 metres, there is no better view of the Budva coastline. Flying in tandem with a qualified instructor, this is an experience you’ll never forget!



There are numerous scuba diving clubs situated along the Budva Riviera and all of them will be happy to take you for an aquatic exploration. With clear seas that should be no lower than 21°C during the summer, it’s the ideal conditions for both experienced and freshman divers. Watch out for dentex, gold-fish, cantor, mullet and, occasionally, conger eel, moray eel, gull fish, ray and lobster.

Water Ski

Highly popular along the Montenegro coastline. Budva’s calm shores guarantee the perfect conditions for this classic extreme activity.

Jet Ski

Water sports Budva

For those moments when you want full control yourself; jet skis are available to hire in Budva and are very easy to control. Warning: these puppies are addictive!

Hiking trails

North Hiking

For those moments when a more wholesome activity is required; There are over 10 clear walking paths around Budva hinterland. Loaded with natural beauty, cultural and historical monuments, buildings, old villages, and unforgettable vantage points.



With a 6am start and 8pm return, this is an activity to consider if you’re staying for longer than the event duration. The Grand Canyon of Tara River is the deepest in Europe and the best way to witness its immensity is by rafting it. Trips include all equipment, breakfast, lunch and transport. Not to be missed if you’re making a holiday of it.

Jeep Safari

Another epic 12 hour mission to consider if you’re extending your stay, a jeep safari provides a unique experience through the Biogradska Gora national park. From mountain views to lakeside beauty, there’s even a chance to switch your jeep to a horse in the afternoon. Meals and transport provided.

Wine Tasting

Types of Rakija MNE

In case you’re not enjoying enough of the local drinks during the party, get a real taste of Montenegro’s fine vines. Taking place at Chemovsko Pole, one of the country’s most famous vineyards, you then progress to Montenegro’s central wine vault Shipchanik to taste their finest national tipples and buy a few for friends/family/later on (delete as appropriate)

Montenegro Tour  

Kotor View

One for the history crew! This all-day coach trip is a great way to explore the old capital of Montenegro and the town of Kotor. From monasteries to traditional food, some of Montenegro’s oldest corners are exposed for all to enjoy.

Montenegrin Capitals  

Podgorica panorama

Another medieval mission: this trip takes you around Rijeka Crnojevicha, the old 14th century stomping ground of Ivan Crnojevich… AKA Ivan The Black! Elsewhere you can enjoy a little sightseeing around Skadar Lake, panoramic views around the national capital Podgorica and visit the Cathedral Church of Christ’s Resurrection, one of the Balkans largest and most popular cathedrals.

Canyon, national park and Black Lake tour

Bridge Tara

One of the best ways to take in as much of the beautiful country as possible, this excursion takes in the continental quarter of Montenegro. Check out canyons of the rivers Moracha and Tara, visit the Moracha monastery, buzz by an apiary and taste various local honeys, take in the stunning Djurdjevicha Tara bridge and explore Durmitor national park and the Black Lake. A 13 hour trip, this is a lot to take in… But 100 per cent worth it.

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