Moon Music #004: Mob Tactics

mob tactics

Dogs, monkeys and various other animals have been sent into space, but as far as we know, NASA hasn’t carried out any experiments to see what happens when DJs are fired up into the abyss.

This is something we want to find out for ourselves. So far Moon Music has seen us launching the likes of Phaeleh, Logistics and Nu:Tone up high into the sky to see what happens when a DJ goes from the flashing lights of a nightclub to the ethereal glow of the moon. Rumour has it they’ve joined forces and started up a night called Martian Mashup…

Mob Tactics are next to join the celestial adventure and are all set for their mission. To prevent them from boredom we’ve allowed them to take one item, one book and six of their favourite tunes with them.

But first… a few words about their wicked new EP, The Answer.

“The response has been absolutely amazing” exclaims Luke, one half of the duo. “We’ve had loads of DJ support from the likes of Friction and Crissy Criss and the MTA guys have been absolutely awesome at getting it out there.”

“We don’t live in the same place so it was a bit tricky producing it at times, but we’ve been together for a while now so we’ve got a pretty good system” adds Mark, the other half.

The first track from that EP is entitled Alcatraz, and rather like the maximum security prison, the moon is pretty detached from human civilisation… “Yeah I guess it would be pretty lonely up there, and for that reason my object would be a mirror, so that I could have conversations with myself!” says Luke.

“I’d probably take a football with some sort of face painted on it” says Mark. “And yes, that is an idea I’ve got from Tom Hanks in Castaway…”

“And if I had to choose one book it would probably be Iceman: My Fighting Life, which is the autobiography of Chuck Liddell!” Luke laughs. “He’s one of my all-time heroes and I could read that book over and over again.”

And as for Mark: “I’m not really into reading so I’d take a colouring book up with me. I’m pretty good at keeping it in the lines thankfully.”

Luckily for the boys, who admit to preferring music far more to reading, we’ve allowed them to take three tracks each with them.

And here they are…

Pink Floyd – Time

Luke: “This is probably my single favourite track of all time. Pink Floyd have been a massively influential band for me since I was a kid right up to now. My step-dad was a roadie when I was younger and I used to go on tour with him in the school holidays. I was lucky enough to go with him and see Pink Floyd two nights on the trot at Wembley stadium and it literally changed my life – I was completely immersed in this incredible music and amazing live shows they put on, which is something I’ll never forget. It also contains what I consider to be the greatest guitar solo of all time, I listen to it at least once a week.”

The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet

Luke: “This is a very special piece of music to me as it’s mine and my girlfriend’s ‘song’ and has been ever since we first met. We used to get really drunk and listen to it over and over again and it’s another one I still listen to now. There’s a real punkiness to Pete Perrett’s voice which I love and again it’s a track with a wicked guitar solo! If I were stuck on the moon this would be the song to lift me up when I felt down because it evokes such happy memories… plus my missus would probably kill me if I didn’t include it! Having a ‘song’ sounds really soppy but I think it’s nice to have a track we both love.”

Carl Orff – Gassenhauer

Luke: “This was used on an old 70s film called Badlands. Not only is the film immense, but the soundtrack completely blows me away. There’s something particularly enchanting and hypnotic about the melody to this track and I always find it impossible not to instantly play it again as soon as it’s finished. The way it starts slowly and builds up so effortlessly is absolutely beautiful in my opinion, and for that reason I think it would make great moon music. It’s actually been used in quite a few films since Badlands, probably most notably in True Romance.”

 Thomas Newman – Shawshank Redemption Theme

Mark: “This is one of my all time favourite films and that’s partly thanks to the music. This track would be perfect to listen to up on the moon at night whilst staring down at the Earth deep in thought. The whole soundtrack is pretty reflective really, so I could have picked any, but this one in particular is a real gem and one that would suit being on the moon really well.”

Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants


Mark: “I’ve listened to this tune every day for the past few months. It’s a really care-free chilled out track and I can imagine bouncing around in my moon suit to it. Sometimes it’s quite hard to listen to other genres that aren’t drum & bass for obvious reasons, but it’s nice to stray away from it and listen to tracks such as this one just to get away from drum & bass every now and then.”

 Calyx & Teebee – Warrior VIP

Mark: “It was a toss-up between this and the original but I haven’t battered this as much so it’s a bit fresher than the predecessor. There wouldn’t be anyone up on the moon so it would be a good place to stick this on and go mental to without anyone watching. There’s even a few ninja noises in there so you could practice your ninja moves in complete confidence. It’s one of those drum & bass tunes that makes me do weird things…”

(Photo Credit: Simon DeKnock)