Nezzo: “I’m a natural fat kid, what can I say?”


First there was Devil’s BBQ. Then there was Sushi Of God. Now this, Waffle House…

We’re noticing a theme to Nezzo’s work…

“I’m a natural fat kid, what can I say?” laughs German-in-America Nezzo who – in under a year – has already scored big releases on Circus, Spinnin and Dim Mak. “I’ve been naming all my tunes after my favourite food. Who doesn’t like BBQ? Sushi is a little lighter dish to follow so we’ve got space to stack up on waffles!”

He doesn’t look fat to us. There are two reasons why. One substantiated, the other speculative…

One: he told us hits the gym on the regular to keep trim.

Two: We think he covers up his mouth in all photos (either via his hand or a bandana) in the hope it slows down his munching.

I think it’s very important to not take yourself seriously and not follow too many rules

Back to genuine facts and we’ve learnt that the first ever record Nezzo bought was Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You.

We also learnt he’s considering growing a massive beard and, most importantly, he really enjoys his newfound role as a multi-genre electronic vibe peddler. Previously spotted producing for various hip-hop and pop acts, you can tell he’s in his element right now.

“Food, fun, music… Yeah,” grins Nezzo who’d like UKF to take him out for haggis when he next visits the UK. “I think it’s very important to not take yourself seriously and not follow too many rules in terms of what genres are out there and what people expect to hear from you.

“It’s been interesting going from making other forms of music to making dance stuff. The hardest and punchiest mix is needed for the kick right in the middle while other styles the drum play a softer role. I’m actually experimenting with some live instrumentation at the moment too. It’s a lot of fun!”

Long before this experiment sees any light of day, however, the next bullet in the Nezzo chamber is due in the near future and will be called Choose Your Weapon.

“I know I know, it’s not a food theme,” he mock-sighs. “But it has a sample from a video game. Following that I have a couple of tracks that are named after the places I’ve made them. But this may change to stuff like pizza or haggis or steakhouse. Who knows?”

One thing we do know is that it’s going to be tasty. Stay tuned, something tells us Nezzo’s going places…