NGHTMRE’s worst nightmares


Circus dropped the bomb this week with NGHTMRE’s MTRD.

An abbreviation of the word Metroid (due to its innate gamey flavour) the LA artist explains his inspiration as something of a genre-melting free-for-all…

“Well, I wanted to create a house track that had a little bit of all kinds of dance music in it,” he tells us. “Electrohouse, big room, deep house, breaks and trance music all had an influence on my sound selection with this one.”

Have a listen and hear the melting pot bubble hard:

Following this we can exclusively reveal that NGHTMRE has two originals en route. They’ll be pursued by remixes of The Prodigy (!!), Keys N Krates, Slumberjack, Just A Gent and some heavyweight collaborations that he’s contractually obliged to keep schtum about.

Big manoeuvres ahead, then. Nightmare? Have a word. It sounds like someone’s living in opposite land right now…

“Haha! Well… I’m definitely incredibly blessed with amazing family and friends,” he laughs. “As for opposite land, I am a very easy-going and somewhat quiet person, which is why I like the juxtaposition of a name like NGHTMRE.”

But nightmares happen to the easiest of easy going people. We asked NGHTMRE for his three all-time worse fears…

1. “I’ve never really had any terrible moments DJing where the music completely cuts out. I’m sure it will happen at some point though and i’m dreading the moment.”

2. “I think if my laptop crashed with all my projects I would just sit down and cry. Fortunately I’ve learned my lesson already on that. Note to producers: this WILL be your worst nightmare if you don’t be proactive and back up your projects and samples!”

3. “After seeing the trailer for the new movie San Andreas, I must say the inevitable San Andreas earthquake that is going to hit LA will pretty much be my worst nightmare.”

MTRD is out now: Support