My Nu Leng: Our Top 3 MCs


MCs on house tunes? Not the most common musical marriage, but when it’s executed with the skill of My Nu Leng, it well and truly slaps. Masterplan with Fox is a perfect example. Such a perfect example we thought we’d ask the Bristol-based Black Butter boys Jammo and Tommy for their own top three MCs.

“Growing up as D&B DJs, MCs were really important,” explains Jammo. “Although they almost took over from the DJs at points. They came hand in hand! There are so many good MCs out there right now.  The Manchester lot – Chimpo, Fox, Strategy, the Levels crew – they’re doing some amazing things with D&B right now. Then you’ve got the legends like Shabba D, Skibadee. They’re still going strong. With d&B there’s always space for MCs.”

Meanwhile back at 130BPM, Tommy explains how MCs relate to My Nu Leng shows…

“We’re all about the music doing the talking but when you’ve got a big crowd they help create more interaction and make it special,” he explains. “The crowds feed off it. It gives a different energy. Sometimes as a DJ you’re stuck behind the decks and people don’t see that much of you, bar your head. An MC can get right up close and into the crowd’s faces. I love that.”

And we love My Nu Leng and MCs. Here are their top three killer master of ceremonies…

My Nu Leng wanted to list their top 20 MCs but we forced them to pick three. They’d like to shout out all MCs including Rhymestar, Koast, Illaman, Newham Generals and many more!

3: Linguistics

Jammo: “I’ve known him from our university days. I first knew about his skills through his hip-hop, which is sick. Now doing loads of great stuff in drum & bass, he got in with the right crew. Some of the shows and places he’s been to blow my mind! I think he brings a nice fun, youthful hip-hop approach to D&B which hasn’t been done a big stage. He’s the next generation and fair play to Friction for giving him that opportunity.”

2: Scrufizzer

Tommy: “He’s been doing the grime circuit for a while now. Recently snapped up by Black Butter, he’s such a sick MC and I know his fizzy flow will take him to some serious places.”

Jammo: “We were in the Red Bull studios with him and the engineer was just like ‘wow, how does he keep his mouth moving so quickly?’ He’s so talented! We’ve got some of his bars already, but we want to spend a good few days with him in the studio. Hopefully with the Black Butter connection we’ll be able to realise this very soon.”

Tommy: “He’s amazing live, too. He hypes the crowd so well.”

There are so many good MCs out there right now.

1: Fox

Jammo: “We first met Fox at Outlook on a messy messy morning at the artist hotel by the pool”

Tommy: “We were just catching jokes all day. He’s a very funny guy and we’ve always loved the work he’s done with Dub Phizix and all that lot.”

Jammo: “We both felt Masterplan needed vocals, so got in touch with him and we were really pleased he was up for it. He had some bars in his head. He heard the tune and penned a lot of it on his phone in the studio . When he wasn’t getting the takes he knew what to do to get his head in the moment and nail it. He’s such a talented professional, we’d love to work with him again.”

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