The Perfect Remix: DISKORD

Circus’s DISKORD are exposing themselves on a whole new level…

Currently at the mercy of all aspiring producers around the world, they’ve unleashed the bare parts of their Want U and want to hear your remix. In a twist to the standard remix competitions, the prize isn’t just to win a release on Circus but also a chance to collaborate with the Bristol duo in the studio. For budding artists, this is a really cool opportunity and a genuinely unique chance to pick up some serious tips and tricks in a hands-on real life situation and the rest of the prizes aren’t too shabby either.

Currently neck deep in entries, and will be until the closing date of January 3 2018, we called them to find out what their own personal take on a perfect remix is, how they approach to their own remixes and, most importantly, what if the winner ends up being a psycho-style super-fan?

What inspired this new remix comp/collaboration project?

It’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages. We had loads of people hitting us up for the stems for Want U so we thought this would be the perfect time to do it. Its also a great way to give undiscovered talent a platform to be heard. Most of our studio days start with trawling soundlcoud for new producers and artists – a remix comp brings them straight to us!

You’re likely to be subject to a lot of entries… How are you going to deal with this bombardment of strange interpretations of your musical parts?

You definitely have to do it in short sessions cos hearing the same vocal for an hour you end up hating everything. But so far it’s been awesome – it’s only been two weeks and we’ve already had some amazing entries. Picking a winner is gonna be tough at this rate!

It’s a very personal and revealing thing to share the bare stems of a tune you’ve spent hours/days/weeks/months on – how does it feel?

Well we love doing remixes so much, putting a totally different spin on the original, so it’s actually really exciting to hear other people do that with our song. We’re not that precious about our sounds etc like some producers are. We have certain production techniques that we use to give us our sound but most songs are written from a blank sheet. We don’t just load the same drums and synths etc which we feel keeps things interesting and fresh in the studio.

What happens if you pick an amazing winner but when you go to collaborate with them IRL you realise they’re actually really scary and stalkery and they only won because they paid a ghost producer a lot of money and they just want you alone in a room?

That would be some serious effort gone into just hanging out with us – just ring us up mate, we’re always up for a pint!  To be honest we’d probably just hit up the ghost producer and go write something sick with them. You’ve got us worried now though!

So what actually makes the perfect remix in DISKORD’s eyes?

For us its re-imagining a song completely. We’re always disappointed when we hear a remix and its essentially just the same as the original, it feels lazy. We want people to take the song somewhere totally different to the original. Style and genre isn’t important to us, creativity is.

DISKORD’s Top 5 Remixes


The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)

To take one of the greatest pieces of electronic music of all time and even come close to doing it justice is something that seems impossible to us. Noisia achieved it!


Flux Pavilion  – Exostomp (DISKORD Remix)

We had to include one of our own. We feel like we totally re-imagined Flux’s original and the remix remains one of our biggest tunes to this day.


La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

This tune was important for so many reasons. It propelled dubstep into the mainstream and was responsible for so much music we hear today.


Kid Cudi – Day N Night (Crookers Remix)

If this doesn’t make you wanna dance you may as well have stayed at home!!


Miguel – Do You (Cashmere Cat Remix)


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