The Perfect Remix: A Teddy Killerz Guide

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So you want to make the perfect remix? You’ve come to the right place…

Teddy Killerz have established a fine line of them. Dreadzone to Skrillex. Xilent to Virus Syndicate. Major Look to I Am Legion… Slashing down the boundaries with vicious, head-popping darkside textures; exploding expectations with switch-flipping genre-hops, any remix these Russian unleash is worth an attention investment. Especially their most recent one that came courtesy of UKF:

“Ever since I heard the original I knew it could have a killer drum & bass remix,” says Garud, one third of the uncompromising genre-fusers. “I knew we could do that track justice! I hit their management up and told them we should remix it. They said ‘yeah why not? Have a try!’”

Cool story. Now let’s find out what the Teddy Killerz official rules to remix success are…

You have to love the original.

It has to be something you want to work on. And if you feel the original’s vibe then you’ll have a much clearer basis for fresh ideas that change the sound but also complement it.

But even if you love it… If you don’t think you can offer something new then do not remix it!

There needs to be a really strong feeling that you can add something; make it softer, darker, slower, faster. Whatever; you need to have the feeling. If you don’t? Step away from the remix!

Stay in touch with the guys who originally produced it…

Share ideas with them, let them know what you’re feeling and which direction you want to take as they’ll let you know pretty quickly if they’re not feeling that!

If you make good original tunes… You make good remixes!

If you know your way around the studio and have the creativity, there’s no difference between writing an original tune and writing a remix!

The best remixes replace all the instruments but retain the idea…

Strip it back and build up your own maximum vibe with your own drums, your own basses and synths. But always keep that main idea of the original you’re remixing!

Teddy Killerz Top 5 Remixes


The Qemists – Stopmbox (Spor remix)

“This is an anthem! There is nothing more to add.”

Noisia – Machine Gun (16 bit remix)

“We love both the 16 Bit and Amon Tobin remixes, it was tough to choose which one. Remixing Noisia is a tough tough challenge… 16 Bit stepped up!”

Black Sun Empire – Dawn Of A Dark Day (Receptor remix)

“Receptor is one of the most talented producers we know. He’s so creative and is such a subversive composer. The instrumental breakdown is the critical point of this. We heard his early version of this remix and it had three drops! It was around 10 minutes long. But the cool thing? He’s so talented it never got boring to listen to.”

Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum remix)


“So massive! It’s logical… Ed Rush and Optical remixed by Pendulum. This was never going to be anything but incredible.”

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix)


“Such a killer remix. And I saw a really cool interview about this with Noisia recently: They recreated the original tune to make it! They totally reverse engineered it, then engineered it, then remixed it. Apparently they did dozens of versions of the remix before they did this. THAT’S why Noisia are so respected!”

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  • that shouldnt be a guide, thats just common sense guys … also, sometimes the best remix is one that uses only samples from the original, as long as you put some energy into editing that can be all it takes for a perfect remix. so yeah, this article is completely pointless, just saying.

    • Not everyone has that common sense though, Pente. But even if your knowledge does surpass the tips here, there is a killer selection of remixes too.

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