Phace’s Top 5 Blackout Tracks

Next week Phace will make his Blackout debut with Plastic Acid. Four tracks of his signature off-the-wall mechanical funk, it’s been highly anticipated since he announced it early December… And a long time coming for Phace and his Utrecht partners in D&B…

“I have been friends with the Black Sun Empire guys for many years and they always were interested in getting a release by me for their label,” says Phace AKA Florian. “When I was in the final stage of finishing this batch of music Micha got in touch and asked if I had any music to consider for a release. As the tracks actually sound more upfront than my usual stuff I thought this would be a cool match to their label’s sound, so the EP idea was born and I was very happy to finally work something out for them. It’s an honour to do something for the Utrecht boys.”

It was also an honour to cop the springy sonic digit-wanging Beyond Number…

Plastic Acid is out January 27. In the meantime, Phace gets us in the mood with five of his favourite Blackout releases. We were going to ask him for 1/3.14/0/64/100/10/44 tracks but that would be ridiculous. Enjoy…


The Upbeats – Def Crescent

This track represents the ultimate The Upbeats sound to me; funky, rolling and it goes down really well on the floor. I played it out for ages.

Neonlight & Wintermute – Influx

Again a great dance floor track I used to double drop with pretty much anything.

Misanthrop – I Need More

I love the huge bass and vibe on this one and still play it out occasionally.


Current Value – Loner

A slick deep and techy roller by Tim that we didn’t really expect to hear from him around the time it was released. His “Neurofunk” coming out, so to speak…


Neonlight – The Towering Inferno

My personal favourite from their LP. Great groove!

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