Playlist: Kill Frenzy’s Tunes To Take Into The Woods

kill frenzy bathroom sessions 1

Dirtybird Records turned 10 this year, and it’s time for it to head to summer camp. In a little more than a week, Claude VonStroke and his gang will be hosting their first ever Dirtybird Campout festival in Southern California. With games, comedy and a line up that includes the likes of Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Eprom, Breach, Route 94 and LOADS more, it’s an awesome way to sign off from the summer.

We asked one of the headliners Kill Frenzy to tell us what we can expect, and provide us some tunes to gear up for the event.

“These crazy bunch know how to throw a proper party!” he tells us. “I have been fortunate to play a couple of the main Dirtybird quarterly parties in San Francisco, which is like a dream come true.  I don’t think I have to mention how special the BBQs are.

“The whole campout theme is fresh: It reminds me of those old American camp movies.  It’s going to be one of a kind, I don’t think anybody else is doing this. So for this Belgian it’s going to be fun to have a little of that American camp feel going on for the first time. Will Claude VonStroke make a good camp mentor? I mean just look at him – he looks like a regular camp leader already!”

And here’s the playlist. Nine tracks that go bump (and bang) in the night. An essential packing item for your weekend in Oak Canyon Park, approved by stern-but-fair camp counselors Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin. Enjoy….

DIRTYBIRD campouttakes place October 2-4 at Oak Canyon Park, Irvine, California.

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