Playlist: Roots & Rewinds (Old School)


So this week David Guetta unfortunately described mixing off USBs without the aid of playlists as ‘doing it really old school’ in a Beatport interview.

Oh dear.

We won’t waste any time in stating how wrong that combination of words is. Instead, we’ve decided to actually do it really old school ourselves and rewind over 20 years to explore and indulge in the genus of all the bass-laced styles we celebrate on UKF: foundation rave, hardcore, jungle and early drum & bass.

20 tracks, none of which are younger than 20 years old; this is where it all began. As the UK raved through the initial acid house honeymoon, serious innovation was going down amongst selectors as hardcore and techno broke off into many fractured directions with breakbeats being pushed, pulled and turned inside out in every direction. From these early adventures drum & bass (and everything else that followed) was born. Listen to this playlist and you can hear it happening track by track.

From Andy C’s Sour Mash (Ram’s first ever release) right through the Peshay’s seminal Vocal Tune (a tune that sewed the seeds for the entire liquid genre), it’s time to dig deep into some proper old school.

Shout out to Drum&BassArena’s classics professor Jamie S23 who’s helped us curate this list and navigate through the over-played old school anthems to enjoy the real gold of the early 90s. Enjoy…

Andy C – Sour Mash (Ram Records) 1992
DJ Seduction – Live Together (SL2 Remix) (Impact Records) 1992
Power-Pill – Pac-Man (Micky Finn’s Yum Yum Mix) (Ffrreedom) 1992
Tango & Ratty – Tales From The Darkside (Tango & Ratty) 1992
Adam F – Pressure (Lucky Spin) 1993
Capone (Dillinja) – Untitled (Target Records) 1993
DJ Eruption – In Jeopardy (United Dance Recordings) 1993
Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning (Philly Blunt) 1994
Danny Breaks – Firin Line (Droppin Science) 1994
DJ Nut Nut Feat. Top Cat – Special Dedication (Ladies Mix) (Hard Step Records) 1994
DJ SS – The Intro (Formation Records) 1994
Renegade – Terrorist (Moving Shadow) 1994
Leviticus – Burial (Philly Blunt) 1994
Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (V Recordings) 1994
Shy FX – Funkindemup (Ebony Recordings) 1995
Amazon II (Aphrodite) – King of the Beats (Aphrodite Recordings) 1995
Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) (FFRR) 1995
Photek – Rings Around Saturn (Photek) 1995
Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style (Club Tools) 1995
Peshay – Vocal Tune (Good Looking) 1995