Playlist: UKF Aggression Session

aggression session

Time for a bit of angry… UKF style.

The type of tunes that sound as if they were made between brutal punch-ups between best mates while being under scrutiny of the taxman during a nasty bout of flu.

The type of tunes that, ironically, usually make you feel A LOT happier after the experience.

No reason in particular, we just love the dark side on UKF and we’ve had some incredible aggressive sounding tracks across all channels over the years.

But if we were going to justify this playlist’s creation right at this minute, here are a few: we were all robbed of an hour of sleep on Saturday, a lot of people are going to be suffering recoveries from hell thanks to Miami Music Week and The Prodigy have just released their self-described angriest material to date.

Justifications not necessary: Music this strong doesn’t need a reason. Please play and engage your inner rage!