PRODUCERS: Who Can Give Calvin Harris The Heaviest Remix?

calvin harris

Ever listened to a Calvin Harris track and felt it lacking in low-end nastiness, overall filth, powerful drums or general heaviness?

Well now’s your chance to do something about this… And possibly get some promotion on this site in the process.

Yesterday he uploaded five acapellas from some of his biggest chart-melting hits. Entitled Ultra 2015 Acapella Pack, it includes crisp clear vocals from the likes of Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, John Newman and Calvin himself as the acapellas from Blame, Summer, Outside, Feel So Close and Sweet Nothing  are all up for gratis grabs.

No doubt an inevitable rush of bootlegs and unofficial remixes will start saturating your Soundcloud feed by the weekend… So let’s make sure some of them are properly heavy and loaded with serious bass.

This is a genuine invitation to submit your twisted versions of Calvin Harris to UKF (upload to this Soundcloud group) and we will feature the most innovative, exciting and nastiest versions on this site, along with all your artist information and contact details to help give you profile a boost.

No messing around now: you have a month to upload your track, we’ll be listening to every single one of them and will feature the best on Friday April 24. Please note, these won’t be uploaded to the YouTube channel but will be featured on this site.

For inspiration, here’s a fine example of Calvin Harris murkery at play courtesy of KillSonik:

What are you waiting for? Give Calvin Harris the nasty version excursion he deserves!

Upload your tracks here