The Prototypes: 7 Wonders Of The World

Charging into 2017 with the same energy and hype they dented 2016 with, The Prototypes have already hit us with the asteroid smashing damager Electric and a dramatic damager remix of the Dirtyphonics classic Teleportation.Now they’re about to embark on their most intense world tour to date. 24 shows in 26 days over four continents; it commenced last weekend in Tokyo and the whole month looks like this…


Naturally for a lot of the shows they’re dividing to conquer and they pick who gets the best gigs the classical way.

“We’re pretty fair with this so if one of us has been to a city or party before then it’s the other person’s time the next time it comes up,” they explain. “Other than that it’s settled by a coin toss or a good old fashioned fight.”

There are many things Chris and Nick don’t fight over, though. Here are seven…


7 Wonders Of The Prototypes’ World


Seeing as the tour starts here it just has to make the list. It’s our third time playing here but the first time we’ve both been out together. What a truly amazing city.

Our Studio

It was always something we had set our sights on for many years. We effectively wrote the whole first album in Chris’s dining room and now we own a purpose-built studio block with three other studios. It’s amazing how things change and we can’t wait to get started on album number two there.



I think outside the UK this is where our biggest fan base is. After April we will have played in Austria six times alone since the start of this year. It was also where we did our very first European show as The Prototypes in 2010. The shows are always sold out and the people are amazing. It will always hold a place in our hearts.



It’s our baby and pride and joy. We have no doubt it’s going to do very well in the future. You heard it here first…That Glitch City geezer is an alright producer as well.


Friends & Family

The ones that support us and keep us grounded while all this madness is going on. We won’t mention any names but you all know who you are.



It’s the place where we both grew up, learnt our trade and still live. Everything we do ultimately comes back to our hometown and we’re hugely humbled by the support we get from everyone here. It’s beautiful thing.


Glitch City

This boy is going to be huge. Believe us when we say he has got some serious ammo on the way.


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