Rene LaVice: “I once called my dog ‘mom'”

rene lavice

What a way to start the year… Rene LaVice has set up his stall with cutlass clarity this year. An album’s en route, he’s about to tour with the mighty Spor and his first single of the year – The Calling – has already scored major hype across the board long before its March 1 release date. It’s even been ordained with a ‘hottest record in the world right now’ badge from BBC Radio 1 tastemaker Zane Lowe.

But let’s not forget the bullet-spluttering B-side he’s supplied on this outing. It’s called Freudian, it’s heavier than a lead-laden dumper truck, it’s darker than a night trapped in a David Lynch movie and it sounds like this:

We did the honorable thing and asked Rene if he could recall any classic Freudian slips himself over the years. He came back with some funny answers…

I was in the park playing fetch with my dog a few months back and called “moooom!” instead of calling its name.

I was in a café shortly after Obama got elected and I was like “what do you think of Osama getting elected in the USA?”

In school I called the principal ‘asshole’ one time…….. that wasn’t a Freudian slip.

Mum’s the word: The Calling / Freudian is out on Ram Records on March 1. Support.